Italian restaurants in Singapore: Braci at Boat Quay brings a chef’s memories to life


Staying true to its belief in provenance and heritage, classic Italian cuisine at Braci is uplifted with a touch of the personal and the contemporary

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Inside Braci

Recently bestowed with yet another Michelin star for the sixth year running, this quaint Italian restaurant—neatly tucked away in a shophouse along Boat Quay overlooking the Singapore River—is proof that simplicity, when executed with finesse, goes a long way towards crafting a deeply memorable culinary experience. Staying true to its belief in provenance and heritage—whereby the finest ingredients take their rightful place on the Josper oven and Japanese shichirin grill—classic Italian cuisine at Braci is uplifted with a touch of the personal and the contemporary.  

Cuttlefish Tagliatelle

The restaurant’s latest degustation menu sees chef de cuisine Matteo Ponti digging into his past, starting with Cuttlefish Tagliatelle; that is, cuttlefish sliced into tagliatelle—a dish inspired by his mother’s cuttlefish stew—topped with green peas, smoked ikura and dainty shiso flowers. Spaghettone Khorasan is Ponti’s masterful reinterpretation of cacio e pepe, richly seasoned with parmigiano rind and fermented black lime dashi, featuring a plump, lightly seared Hokkaido scallop.

Hamachi Collar

Unabashedly, the stars of the night are the Hamachi Collar and Iberico Presa, which showcase Braci’s expertise in the art of wood fire and charcoal—the former served two ways (first with Sardinian artichoke and a tangy verjus gel; then mixed with pickles and tarragon to form a ‘side salad’), the latter succulent and perfectly charred, accompanied by an elevated version of caponata, which is typically enjoyed by Italians with barbecued meats.

52 Boat Quay
Level 5/6
Singapore 049841
Tel: +65 6866 1933