Lamborghini and Technics launch a special edition turntable

The collaboration comes with a specially recorded vinyl

Ask a petrolhead and an audiophile to explain the concept of driving, and you’d (unsurprisingly) get two different answers. There are, of course, no inherent similarities between cruising on asphalt and priming an audio set-up for maximum sonic quality.

While that’s unlikely to change, the new SL-1200M7B turntable—a collaboration between Italian marque Automobili Lamborghini and audio brand Technics—may just build some common ground. A special edition, the newly launched turntable is based on the Japanese brand’s acclaimed 2019 SL-1200MK7 model.

top view of lamborghini and technics turntable
Lamborghini and Technics’ collaboration could add a different meaning to the term driving. Photo by Lamborghini

Unlike its classically designed counterpart from 2019, the record player sports a futuristic look and has Lamborghini’s logo emblazoned on its platter. The deck comes in orange, yellow, and green, echoing the iconic liveries that adorn Lamborghini’ sports cars, and is further decorated with the marque’s signature Y-shaped pattern.

three lamborghini and technics turntable in different colours
The special edition comes in three different colours. Photo by Lamborghini

Weighing almost 10kg, the turntable is heavier than most. The heft, however, is warranted—reducing its susceptibility to external vibrations and reproducing cleaner audio. Bass-heavy albums like The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall sound especially good, thanks to the player’s full and deep rendering of low ends—a feature owed to its aluminium chassis and high-damping insulator.

side view of lamborghini and technics turntable
The record player sacrifices portability for impeccable audio quality. Photo by Lamborghini

If you’re a professional DJ or just looking to spin some records at a house party, you’ll appreciate the SL-1200M7B’s DJ-friendly features. Equipped with a coreless direct drive motor, the turntable provides ultra-smooth and consistent rotation—allowing for precise beat-matching and scratching​.

Experienced DJs will find joy in the additional control provided by the player’s customisable torque and brake speeds, while beginners can experiment with different playback styles thanks to the turntable’s reverse play feature.

Additionally, the player comes with a digital pitch control function that lets you adjust rotation speeds, resulting in a seamless track-mixing process.

the Lamborghini and Technics turntable in a red-tinted room
Those looking to DJ will find joy with this Lamborghini and Technics turntable. Photo by Lamborghini

Accompanying every purchase of the SL-1200M7B is an exclusive vinyl record that features the engine sounds of six different Lamborghini V12-engine super sports cars; the 400GT 2+2, Miura SV, 25th Anniversary Countach, Diablo 6.0 SE, Murciélago LP 640, and Revuelto.

exclusive vinyl of lamborghini x technics turntable
Customers will receive an exclusive vinyl record when they purchase the turntable. Photo by Lamborghini

Besides the exclusive vinyl, which features an illustration of a Lamborghini Revuelto tire, you will also receive a slipmat and two stickers boasting the Automobili Lamborghini and Technics logos. The US$1,599 turntable is available for purchase exclusively through sales channels authorised by Technics and specialised stores.