Le Diner en Blanc Singapore 2018: The all-white picnic returns on 12 May

Le Diner en Blanc Singapore, picnic

It’s time to start packing for the party. Bring your portable furniture and fill your picnic hampers with gourmet dishes and silverware

The Oxford dictionary defines a picnic as an occasion that involves taking a packed meal, and having it outdoors. The everyday man would associate that with sandwiches, mats on the floor and dining with your legs crossed. Well, that definition was clearly thrown out the window six years ago when Le Diner en Blanc made its way to our city. And make no mistake, The Parisian initiative is back with yet another secret dinner party.

This year’s affair, to be held on 12 May, is no different from the others. Guests are required to don an all-white ensemble — no exceptions allowed — and gather everything they’ll need for the one-night-only outdoor extravaganza.

The List of All-White Do’s

Interested in attending? You’ll have to bring your own folding table, tablecloth, folding chairs, dinnerware and napkins — all white, naturally — along with wine glasses, silverware and table decor. Then, you’ve to put together your own hamper of gourmet treats for the night. Remember to keep everything as compact and easy to assemble as possible, for you’ll have to lug them from the departure location to the dining venue itself.

While you’re welcome to pack your own non-alcoholic beverages, Champagne  and wine can only be purchased through Le Diner en Blanc’s online store prior to the event. Should you not wish to pack your own hamper (The Rolls-Royce Cocktail hamper may provide inspiration), Le Diner en Blanc offers a catered picnic basket option, which can be reserved online while registering.

As you’re required to dispose of all trash after the festivities have concluded, be sure to pack a — you guessed it — white trash bag.

It’ll be slightly tricky to not work up a sweat while assembling your dining table for the night, but the event promises an evening of live music, dance and good company. After all, the goal of Le Diner en Blanc is always to gather like-minded friends together for a gourmet meal in the city’s most gorgeous public spaces. 

How To Sign Up

Guests who joined last year’s celebration will get first priority on this year’s list, followed by friends of these guests. The remaining seats will then be open to those who’ve never attended a Le Diner en Blanc session, and have expressed interest to be put on the waiting list. Those interested to sign up can do do here.

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