What’s New in Fashion: Loewe’s immersive ‘Crafted World’, Louis Vuitton diamonds’ traceable luxury, and Gucci’s London revelation

Loewe launches ‘Crafted World’ while Louis Vuitton and Gucci take on new endeavours

Photo by Loewe

Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson is set to showcase the Maison’s heritage through ‘Crafted World,’ an immersive exhibition debuting at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre on 22 March. Reflecting on the luxury brand’s 178 years of artisanal brilliance, the exhibition offers a journey through time, highlighting Loewe’s transformation from a Madrid-based leather-making collective serving the Royal Crown into a global luxury emblem pulsating with contemporary culture. The exhibit, echoing Anderson’s affection for craft, will travel from the sights and sounds of Spain to the imaginations behind Loewe’s latest collections, emphasising the joy of handmaking with features from Indian ribbon-makers and South African basket-makers to Chinese bamboo weavers.

Loewe’s history and its multifaceted approach to design will be narrated alongside artefacts, runway footage, and the artisans’ stories. The Shanghai exhibit is just the beginning of a global sojourn for the Spanish house, which will run till 5 May this year. The entrance is free and open to the public.


Photo by Louis Vuitton

On another luxurious front, Louis Vuitton’s newest venture, the LV Diamonds Collection, is dazzling the fashion world with its pioneering “mine-to-finger” traceability, enabled by Aura Consortium Blockchain technology. This initiative offers a glimpse into the diamond’s odyssey from its earthly cocoon to the gleaming final product, symbolising not just opulence but the brand’s strides in transparency and responsibility. Central to this collection is the LV Monogram Star diamond, hailing its debut with a unique mix of Louis Vuitton’s iconic fashion sense and commitment to supreme jewellery craftsmanship.

Louis Vuitton

Sabato De Sarno. Photo by Riccardo Raspa

As for Gucci, the fashion behemoth is preparing to make waves with its cruise 2025 collection, set to make its arrival in London on 13 May. This significant event marks the first cruise collection under the stewardship of creative director Sabato De Sarno. He pays homage to Gucci’s roots, revering the brand’s profound bond with the British capital, which served as the muse for Guccio Gucci when envisioning the shape and essence of his luxury empire. London emanates Gucci’s respectful nod to its foundational narrative of Italian skill and pioneering design, poised to unveil its mastery yet again in an enigmatic location.