Louis XIII releases The Origin – 1874, the first from the Time Collection

Louis XIII releases The Origin – 1874, the first from the Time Collection

The time traveller

While the world relentlessly pursues perfection for what lies ahead, some take a step back, revisit the past, and reflect on historical events that shaped them. In return, they write a narrative that pays tribute to the very past, while carving a promising future for years to come.

The story of Louis XIII fits like hand in glove in the above scenario. Recounting its journey, the brand launched the Time Collection, a series of limited edition pieces that pay tribute to its history.

The first of its chapter, The Origin – 1874, pays tribute to the decanter Paul-Emile Remy Martin first recreated, modeling it in the image of a royal flask he purchased from a farmer. Back then, the decanter had fleur-de-lys medallions, and sported spiked sides.

The Origin – 1874, now made of pure Saint-Louis crystal, features 13 spikes (as opposed to the usual 10), and uses a stopper in the shape of a miniature upturned decanter, too spiked with dentelles. Its neck and collar seal complement the crystal in a pale champagne-gold hue, allowing its liquid gold contents instead, to steal the show.

The tribute doesn’t stop at the decanter itself. The protective metal case features a woven textured design, a modern reinterpretation of the original wicket baskets that the first Louis XIII bottles were delivered in.

Louis XIII

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