Luxury bathtubs: The world’s most expensive bathtub comes with a US$2 million pricetag

The world's most expensive bathtub

In need of a luxurious soak? Nigel fenwick has created a bathtub out of a piece of petrified wood that’s estimated to be 180 million years old

There is one way to cause a stir, and that is to price something as the world’s most expensive. From potato chips and chocolate to properties and pillows, there is no category of item immune to this. And now, it is the turn of the bathtub.

Nigel Fenwick has unveiled bathtub made of a very unique material that he has priced at AED7.35 million (S$2.65 million).

Revealed at the recent Index Interior Design show in Dubai, the bathtub has been christened The Jewel. It is made from a piece of petrified wood discovered by Fenwick in the Indonesian rainforest that is estimated to be 180 million years old.

The original log weighed 14 tons, with beautiful black-and-brown veining, and was shaped into the bathtub using customised diamond blades and eight months worth of polishing. Make no mistake, this is not just a vessel to carry your weight after a long, trying day, but it’s a work of art. There is no official word on whether the tub has found a buyer yet, but this is surely a case of when rather than if.

Nigel Fenwick Designs