Migma, a futuristic hydrogen-powered catamaran conceptualised for long-range, zero-emissions cruising

Ruma Design

With an ultra-modern exterior and an unbelievably sleek aesthetic, cruising onboard the Migma will make you feel like you’re in a Bond movie

The Migma is noiseless and produces zero emissions

This may be the era of electric superyachts, but the time of the hydrogen catamaran is edging ever closer thanks to a wave of pioneering concepts. The latest to throw a ship in the ring is Ruma Design.

​​The Spanish firm has penned a new hydrogen-powered multihull engineered to sail the globe sustainably. The 180-footer (54m) goes by the name of Migma, which means “mixture” in Greek, and pairs traditional marine design with state-of-the-art propulsion.

Every space onboard Migma offers 360-degree panoramic views.

Aboard the cat, there is a tank to store liquid hydrogen, lithium-ion batteries, PEM fuel cells and two electric motors. This setup could theoretically see the vessel cover exceptionally long ranges sans noise, emissions, fumes or vibrations. It sounds too good to be true, but similar hybrid systems have already hit the high seas. Last year, a converted ocean-racing catamaran, known as the Energy Observer, completed a 5,000-nautical mile transatlantic voyage from France to the Caribbean using a hydrogen fuel cell and solar power. Furthermore, marine heavyweights like as Lürssen, Sinot and Alva Yachts have all announced hydrogen-powered vessels.

Migma’s futuristic looks offer a sleek silhouette and gleaming silver exterior. The modern interior is characterised by upscale, minimalist furnishings and floor-to-ceiling glass. Ripe for business or pleasure, the vessel has a huge convertible space at its heart that could be used as either a central saloon or a meeting room for carrying out conferences at sea.

Elsewhere, there are two sizable staterooms that each feature en suites and electrochromic smart glass walls facing the ocean. This means you can enjoy the vista or switch to pitch-black tinted glass for privacy. The vessel also sports the requisite crew quarters and can be fitted with additional staterooms if desired.

Ruma says every space onboard offers 360-degree panoramic views and optimises natural light. Outdoors, meanwhile, there is a generous amount of decking along with an infinity pool and swim platform to the aft.

Although Migma is just a concept at this stage, it shows that the future of yachting may be propelled by hydrogen.

Ruma Design

This was first published on Robb Report US