The Minotti Outdoor Collection gives a new definition to outdoor living

The Minotti Outdoor Collection redefines outdoor living with its distinct blend of functionality, aesthetics, and comfort, creating true oases of relaxation and conversation in the open-air

Designed to transform any space into a serene oasis, the Minotti Outdoor Collection features pieces by esteemed designers like Nendo, Inoda+Sveje, and Gordon Guillaumier, including the enveloping Torii Nest Outdoor seats, the texturally appealing Sendai Cord Outdoor armchairs, and the vibrant Isole coffee tables.

Coordinated by in-house creative department Minotti Studio, the lineup showcases a harmonious blend of sinuous and straight lines across a diverse range of seating and accessories, from modular systems to compact, curved volumes. This evolving collection, enriched yearly with new shapes, materials, and colours, seamlessly integrates with Minotti’s indoor offerings, creating a cohesive vision and style that caters to both residential and hospitality settings and reflects a rich confluence of global cultures unified by the Minotti aesthetic.

Photo by Minotti

Nendo’s Torii Nest Outdoor

The Torii Nest Outdoor swivel armchair’s masterful design has blossomed into a full-fledged collection of seating solutions. Each piece in the collection showcases the signature woven cord backrest, which draws inspiration from Vienna straw but presents a more expansive mesh for a distinct look. This versatile range includes a variety of sizes and styles, from a two-seater sofa with a gracefully curved profile to a circular chaise lounge, embodying elegance and functionality.

The collection’s design ethos sees the marriage of aesthetics and practicality. The airy weave of the rope, allowing light and air to pass through, perfectly complements the refined look of the base, elevated by sleek bronze aluminium legs. This gives the furniture an almost ethereal quality, yet it remains grounded through its substantial materiality. The enveloping backrest acts as a nest, cradling the plush cushions atop a sturdy frame of natural teak. This harmonious interplay of materials offers both a strong tactile appeal and a sense of welcoming comfort, inviting relaxation and leisure.

Photo by Minotti

Inoda+Sveje’s Sendai Cord Outdoor

The Sendai family of seats, a creation by the design duo Inoda+Sveje, takes a graceful leap into outdoor spaces with its latest iteration. The Sendai Cord Outdoor armchair emerges as a masterful reinterpretation of upholstered seating, where the essence of the design is distilled and elegantly articulated through the use of cord in shades of Ecru, Burgundy, or Dark Brown. This approach crafts a transparent silhouette, offering a glimpse into the soul of the piece and fostering a light aesthetic that strikingly contrasts yet complements more substantial seating arrangements.

At the heart of its design, the armchair features a 360° swivel base equipped with a return mechanism, adapted for outdoor settings. This feature mirrors the indoor version’s stylistic ethos, now reimagined with a natural teak finish to embrace the outdoor environment. The Sendai Cord Outdoor represents a sophisticated blend of minimalist design and functional elegance, best suited for enhancing open-air living spaces.

Photo by Minotti

Gordon Guillaumier’s Isole

The Isole collection presents a captivating array of lava stone coffee tables, whose irregular contours artfully mimic the silhouette of islets adrift in the ocean. Offered in four sizes, these tables are distinguished by a unique fusion of lava stone and glass. This combination results in a visually stunning effect, where the glass, in four varied hues, seems to spill across the table tops, adding a three-dimensional splash of colour while preserving the raw materiality of the stone at the edges.

Elevated on pewter-coloured tubular steel legs, the varying heights of these coffee tables invite a dynamic mix-and-match approach, fostering an intriguing interplay of colours and forms. The versatility of the Isole coffee tables allows them to integrate with any outdoor furniture ensemble. Drawing inspiration from the modernist charm of the 1950s, their design exudes both playfulness and sophistication. This unique blend of materials, each with its distinct texture and character, contributes to the tables’ contemporary, yet timeless appeal.