Nuanu to launch a permanent art museum with artist Eugene Kangawa

By Low Weixian 14 June, 2024
nuanu eugene

Slated to open in 2026, the Eugene Museum will be located in Nuanu, a creative city spanning 44 hectares in Bali, Indonesia

An unprecedented collaboration between Nuanu Creative City and Japanese-American artist Eugene Kangawa, the Eugene Museum aims to push the envelope on artistic immersion with education, research, community engagement and social involvement as cornerstones.

Spanning over one hectare along the coastline of Tabanan, Eugene Museum will cover 3,000 sq m, designed by celebrated Indonesian architect Andra Matin. Within its confines are over 15 gallery spaces, a café, a library, and a reading room. More than just an exhibition space, however, the museum promises to be a hub for cultural exchange and artistic excellence.

nuanu kangawa

A significant milestone in Nuanu’s commitment to shaping the artistic landscape of Bali and Indonesia, the centre not only enhances the creative city’s cultural offerings but also reinforces its role as a leader in cultivating arts and culture.

nuanu kangawa
Kangawa’s Sea Garden / Critical (2021) reflects an infinite sea, and a new installation using magnified cloud molecules. Photo by Nuanu Creative City

Renowned for his conceptual artistry, Kangawa captivates audiences by transcending boundaries of imagination. His works delve into themes of love, fate, and ephemerality, masterfully intertwining painting, objects, sound, and moving images. Through the manipulation of natural phenomena, Kangawa’s works evoke profound sensory experiences, leaving an indelible mark on the world of contemporary art.

“I am grateful for the enthusiasm from the diverse range of communities and collectors from Indonesia and beyond, who proposed and supported the realisation of Eugene Museum, a permanent home for my work,” says Kangawa. “Bali is a beautiful place that overflows with nature and philosophy for life, and I feel it has a special affinity with my work.”

Over 15 existing and newly commissioned permanent installations by Kangawa will be unveiled at the Eugene Museum. Among the highlights is Goldrain (2019), a mesmerising cascade of golden particles; Sea Garden / Critical (2021), which evokes the boundless serenity of an infinite sea; and an innovative installation that magnifies the ethereal beauty of cloud molecules. This exhibition promises an immersive journey through Kangawa’s visionary creations, offering an otherworldly encounter with the extraordinary.

nuanu kangawa
Similarities between architect Andra Matin’s practice and Eugene Kangawa’s art includes their shared admiration of natural elements, such as the sun, breeze, and shadows. Photo by Nuanu Creative City

“I hope that visitors will be able to experience the symbiosis between art, nature, and life through their encounters at Eugene Museum,” highlights the young artist in a press statement.