Robb Report Ultimate Drives 2018 presented by Opus by Prudential: Join us for daily morning teas and art tours at Gillman Barracks

Chan + Hori Contemporary, Lugas Syllabus, Ultimate Drives

Whether you enjoy attending art exhibitions, are a seasoned art collector or are simply an aesthete, these two activities during Ultimate Drives 2018 will pique your interest

Contrary to popular belief, Robb Report Ultimate Drives 2018 presented by Opus by Prudential isn’t just about petrol heads having a ball of a time during the three-day event. Far from it. In fact, art enthusiasts will also have something to look forward to. Together with Partners & Mucciaccia gallery, the art galleries at Gillman Barracks will be putting together daily Morning Teas and afternoon Art Tours around the precinct.

Luciano Ventrone, Partners & Mucciaccia
View the personal collection of Partners & Mucciaccia, including this masterful piece by Luciano Ventrone

Morning Tea at Partners & Mucciaccia

What constitutes as art? What makes a certain piece more valuable than the other? What exactly is an art collection?

We may not have the answers, but Partners & Mucciaccia will certainly try to answer them. Held daily at 11am, guests will be hosted at the art gallery’s studio, where representatives will aim to tackle questions and touch on topics including taking art appreciation to the next level and most expensive paintings auctioned in the 21st century and their significance. Guests will also be introduced to the most famous art museums in the world, what makes them so, and some of its most prized art collections.


Morning Tea at Partners & Mucciaccia
11am – 12pm daily
9 – 11 Nov

Those interested in attending the above session can drop us an email at [email protected] with the header: Morning Tea Ultimate Drives and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Art Tours At Gillman Barracks

What makes one gallery different from the other? And how does art curation work?

With 14 galleries spread across Gillman Barracks, one may feel overwhelmed, especially when deciding where to start. The tour, led by Priya Mudgal of Pearl Lam Galleries will take guests around six art galleries, each with a different look, feel and focus. Galleries include Chan + Hori Contemporary, Mizuma Gallery, Partners & Mucciaccia, Pearl Lam Galleries, ShanghART Gallery and Singapore Arts Club.

At Chan + Hori Contemporary, you’ll view the solo exhibition by Sumatra-born painter and sculptor Lugas Syllabus. Titled We Dance Together, Syllabus’ work tells of a personal dialogue of a domestic migrant who travels from Sumatra to Java.

Over at Mizuma Gallery, guests will learn about Radiance, a two-person exhibition where both artists have chosen artwork in response to each other’s. You’ll view Helios by Indonesian artist Albert Yonathan Setyawan, a 2,000-flowers and seraphs (a six-winged angel ceramic piece made of) ceramic wall contrasting Japanese artist Miyanaga Aiko Life bubble-filled paintings. Both created in different mediums, but equally fragile — we’re serious, no touching allowed.

And at ShanghArt, you’ll view Adiya Novali’s work. Yet another exhibition by an Indonesian artist, this will have you take a peek at Novali’s life and his relationship with his sister, a person with special needs. The use of Augmented Reality technology helps Novali overlay his drawings over his sister’s, showcasing a parallel between two different beings that walk trod the same path: life.

Art Tours at Gillman Barracks
2pm – 3.30pm daily
Meeting point: Block 9
9 – 11 Nov

Those interested in attending the above session can drop us an email at [email protected] with the header: Art Tours Ultimate Drives and we’ll be in touch shortly.