Saint Laurent unveils its first fine jewellery line

Fashion brand, Saint Laurent, goes fine bling

Iconic French fashion house, Saint Laurent, expands its portfolio with a foray into a fine jewellery collection. In creating something new for the label, Saint Laurent’s creative director, Anthony Vaccarello, looks to the house’s past; taking the storied heritage of Saint Laurent and imbuing them into the collection.

Expounding with audacious silhouettes using gold and diamonds. You get thick chain bracelets that contrast with elegantly sculpted loops of gold bangles. Long earrings and necklaces accentuate the form, giving the feel of gold dripping languidly. There is a joy in the geometric underlinings of the jewellery that’s juxtaposed against an array of textures and hues.

The end results are a collection that is at-once luxurious and yet not afraid to appeal to modern fans of the brand. Available in select flagship stores worldwide, this fine jewellery collection is a statement piece to that  night out of town.

Saint Laurent