The Sultan of Brunei’s custom Range Rover was auctioned for £31,500

By Bryan Hood 24 November, 2023

The stretched SUV was used to ferry Mike Tyson around Glasgow in 2000

Ever find yourself wishing the classic Range Rover had even more room? Well, here’s a little inspiration for you.

A limo conversion of the legendary SUV was just sold by Iconic Auctioneers on 11 November 2023. The vehicle was originally commissioned by the Sultan of Brunei and was once used to ferry Mike Tyson around Scotland.

The sultan—who knows a thing or two about absurd vehicles—ordered this heavily modified 1994 Range Rover Vogue LSE for his brother, Prince Jefri. The job of elongating the SUV was entrusted to Townley Cross Country Vehicles, which is responsible for several hundred Range Rover limos, according to Top Gear. The conversion took nine months to complete and saw its chassis and body extended by some 1 metres with the resulting gap filled in by an extra set of (non-opening) doors. The roof was then raised by eight inches and equipped with a laminated sunroof. The alterations are major, of course, but also look surprisingly natural. To finish things off, the vehicle was then finished in a gleaming coat of Rolls-Royce Mason Black.

Inside the Range Rover limo. Photo by Iconic Auctioneers

The interior makeover is just as dramatic. The massive space comes equipped with just three cushy captain chairs, two of which are electronically operated. There’s also an intriguing (if outdated) entertainment setup that includes two CRT TVs, a CD player, a VHS player, three sets of over-ear headphones, and plenty of storage space. The entire cabin is also covered in black-piped Oxblood Connolly leather and has Wilton carpeting and Burr Walnut trim.

The limo is powered by a 4.3-litre V-8 that produces 200 hp and 340 Nm of torque. The base SUV has four-wheel drive, but we’d be willing to bet it’s no longer fit for off-roading after all the modifications it’s undergone. The vehicle has 27,320 kilometres on it, some of which came with Mike Tyson onboard. Iconic Auctioneers says the Range Rover was used by the former heavyweight champ around Glasgow when he fought Lou Savarese at Hampden Park (Tyson would knock out his rival 28 seconds into the fight).

Photo by Iconic Auctioneers

The Range Rover limo went up for bid during the NEC Classic Motor Show sale, which was just held in Birmingham, England. The vehicle cost £135,000 when it was originally commissioned but was expected to fetch just a fraction of that. True enough, the vehicle was sold for £31,500.

The exterior. Photo by Iconic Auctioneers
The engine. Photo by Iconic Auctioneers
The interior. Photo by Iconic Auctioneers

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