Sunreef’s stylish new 24-metre catamaran offers zero-emissions cruising and an ‘infinite range’

80 Sunreef Power Eco

The fully custom cat was designed for a discerning eco-conscious seafarer

Sunreef’s electric “Super Cat” has proven to be a perfect match for one sustainability-minded seafarer.

The new 80 Sunreef Power Eco will be customised to the client’s exact specifications to ensure outstanding energy efficiency and zero carbon emissions at sea.

The yachter, who has been on the water since childhood, conducted extensive research to see which yards were genuinely (and successfully) advancing sustainable yachting. After visits to multiple international builders, Sunreef managed to reel them in.

80 Sunreef Power Eco
The forward deck

“The climate impact of large power yachts is significant,” the future owner told Sunreef in a recent interview.“ We have taken extensive steps to impact the climate crisis, therefore we could only consider a power yacht if it would incorporate technologies that are rapidly scaling in other sectors such as solar energy and electric vehicles.”

80 Sunreef Power Eco
The aft deck

The cat in question certainly delivers in terms of green tech. The 24-metre vessel will feature the yard’s patented solar skin system. Roughly 2,152 square feet of solar panels will be integrated into the hull sides, superstructure and bimini to generate up to 36kWp of clean energy to power the electric engines and onboard amenities.

In addition, the craft will be equipped with a high-tech battery bank that is 30 per cent lighter than the industry standard. As a result, the vessel is more efficient than heavier competitors. Indeed, Sunreef says the practically silent cat has “an infinite range.” The model can be even fitted with a kite to increase the top speed, though this particular owner hasn’t added it.

80 Sunreef Power Eco
The salon

Onboard, the materials will all be ethically sourced and eco-friendly. There will be a water purifying system to generate drinking water and a highly efficient DC-powered air-conditioning system. In terms of the aesthetics, the owner says regular on-site visits to the family-run yard enabled them to make quick and easy design decisions about layout, decor and furnishings.

80 Sunreef Power Eco
The owner’s cabin

The new cat is currently under construction at Sunreef’s facilities in Gdansk. Once delivered, she will spend summers in the Northeast and winters in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

“The Caribbean, in particular, is mostly a frontier for us, and will offer a wonderful escape from the cold northern winters,” the owner adds.

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This article was first published on Robb Report USA