The Buro. Metaverse Marvels Tarot collection launches on Binance NFT and Brytehall

Buro. Metaverse Marvels Tarot collection

The collection features 5,000 Mystery Boxes comprising 10 unique designs from the tarot deck

During the mid-15th century, tarot cards were considered playing cards developed as a form of entertainment. These cards were gamification in its original form. This was a time before the tarot desk’s destiny as a divination tool was revealed. But by the mid-18th century, individuals such as French aristocrat and occult proponent Antoine Court de Gebelin delved into the mysticism and the symbolism that was said to have been embedded into the cards. A tarot deck is composed of 22 Major Arcana (major secrets) and 56 Minor Arcana (minor secrets) cards. The tarot became popular as yearnings to know the unknown became pastimes of members of European aristocracy during that age.

The timeless curiosity to know what lies ahead has transposed the tarot’s popularity to Instagram, TikTok and Telegram. Technology has now merged with tarot. So as a 21st-century take on gamification, the Buro. Metaverse Marvels Tarot collection elegantly—and artfully—digitises the tarot experience.

The collection, a collaboration between Buro.Brytehall and NFKings, features 5,000 Mystery Boxes comprising 10 unique designs from the tarot deck. The 10-card variations were sold on Binance as Mystery Boxes, while the 11th card is to be auctioned on Brytehall. To participate in the auction, bidders must have collected the full set of 10 cards on Binance.

Buro. Metaverse Marvels Tarot collection
There are 10 unique designs from the tarot deck, including the picture at the top

About the magical 11th card: Wheel of Fortune

It’s often said that fortune favours the bold. And when it comes to the tarot deck, the Wheel of Fortune card represents auspicious primordial forces at play. These forces are known to signify abundance, good luck and immense fortune. The same can be said for Buro.’s Metaverse Marvels’ Wheel of Fortune NFT. A collector’s item to stand the test of the ages, this NFT was designed to reflect contemporary times.

If the Wheel of Fortune appears in your Tarot reading, big changes are coming!

As life is made up of both good and bad times, it is a cycle that we cannot control. An upright Wheel of Fortune signals that the universe is working in your favour to guide you to reach your goals. Be sure to focus your intention on what you truly want.

Collectors who own all 10 editions of NFTs by 8AM SGT, 1 June 2022 can participate in an auction on Brytehall to bid for and win the 1 of 1 Wheel of Fortune NFT. The Wheel of Fortune is the 1 of 1 NFT and the final card in the Buro. Metaverse Marvels Tarot Deck.

Auction starting price: 0.25 ETH. Check back on Brytehall on 1 June to join the auction

Our chosen tarot reader

From her glowing online reviews, United Kingdom-based Anna O’Brien is a favourite reader of the Gen Z crowds from around the world. Readings with O’Brien are known to be exceptionally detailed and accurate. She possesses both rich wisdom and highly tuned abilities to connect with the lives and loves of her Gen Z contemporaries.

The collector with the highest bid for the Wheel of Fortune card on Brytehall will have the opportunity to travel to London for an in-person tarot reading with O’Brien.

The auction closes at 8PM SGT, 3 June 2022.

Winners will be contacted by 4 June 2022 with details on redeeming their tarot reading with O’Brien.

This story was first published on Brytehall