The refurbished Ocean Restaurant in Sentosa is now headed by Olivier Bellin of L’Auberge des Glazicks fame

Ocean Restaurant

At Ocean Restaurant, Olivier Bellin brings with him from the far west coast of France a deep passion for the seas, and his dishes sure speak for his culinary expertise

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Sleek, chic and elegant is the face of Ocean Restaurant. The entrance greets you with calming hues, complementing the Open Ocean Habitat’s panel of marine life, all in hypnotic shades of blue. The Ocean Restaurant’s new interior is inspired from the endangered manta ray, with graceful lines emerging from the pillars and stretching across the ceiling in minimalist fashion. Committed to sustainability, it is furnished with premium, environmentally friendly alternatives, down to the stone tiles comprising up to 40 per cent recycled material.

With the refurbishment comes a redesigned menu, and with that, a new chef—Olivier Bellin from Brittany, France, and chef-owner of two-Michelin-starred L’Auberge des Glazicks. Bellin brings with him from the far west coast of France a deep passion for the seas, and his dishes sure speak for his culinary expertise.

Ocean Restaurant
Two-Michelin-starred chef Olivier Bellin

Creative and bold, every dish has a component from the seas. Bellin stops at nothing to surprise our palates, and this means pairing Japanese uni with succulent Josper oven-baked wagyu, and topping cauliflower with rich caviar and ebony squid ink. Lovers of local delights will similarly love his spin on crispy breaded frog leg, made with refreshing parsley coulis, black garlic puree, and a gentle touch of tartness. Feeling too indulgent? Dine assured that over 90 per cent of seafood used are sourced from certified and environmentally responsible fisheries. Bellin also takes care to prioritise locally sourced greens and house-grown herbs. It’s a deeply cohesive restaurant concept, and every element in every dish is pure and fresh as the schools of fish before your eyes. 

Unparalleled service and ambience are what you would expect from a fine-dining establishment, and Ocean Restaurant delivers. Feel right at home in the good hands of the wait staff, equipped with a keen eye for the little details and the ability to be present without overdoing it. Together with the pretty view and smooth bossa nova in the background, this will be quite the experience that you’d return for. 

Ocean Restaurant
22 Sentosa Gateway
Equarius Hotel, B1M
Singapore 098136
Tel: +65 6577 6869