Nutmeg & Clove curates exclusive whisky pairing dinners with The Glenfiddich for two nights only

Nutmeg & Clove The Distillery Dinner Experience

What do Scotland and Singapore have in common? Little to none, when it comes to food. But this exclusive dinner series has made it work

Nutmeg & Clove has eased into its new home on Purvis Street. Although the bar now holds a new address, the robust energy that typically reverberates the room during dinner seems to remain constant, as co-founder Colin Chia keeps diners on the edge of their seats with his warm and playful persona. For the uninitiated, the team at Nutmeg & Clove have it in them to be a stellar host – a flair that’s further underscored with The Distillery Dinner Experience.

Nutmeg & Clove The Distillery Dinner Experience
Nutmeg & Clove joins hands with The Glenfiddich for this exclusive two-night only dinner experience

Happening on 23 November 2021, The Distillery Dinner Experience (S$138++) is part of a two-night only dinner series complemented by The Glenfiddich’s range of single malt whiskies. The five-course pairing menu sees head chef Lucas Ding tapping into his creativity in an attempt to give Scottish cuisine a local twist – which sounds preposterous, but when done correctly, should leave a lasting impression on the sceptics.

Ding gets the ball rolling with a simple number, Prawn and Fish Crackers with Spiced Cheese Dip. The crackers should be no stranger to locals or gourmands who are well-versed in the local culinary scene, but Ding swaps the popular sambal accompaniment with cheese packed with a sharp kick. It’s enough to urge you to reach out for the Teh Halia cocktail (Glenfiddich 12 YO, ginger and tea cordial, and London essence soda), which does the job of cutting the strong, salty flavour of the cheese in the most delicious way possible.

Plenty of (excellent) things can be said about the highlight of the menu, the Spanish Mackerel with Assam Cream Stew, which I’ll happily leave you in suspense for. For what it’s worth, this particular dish is the right step forward, and should convince diners that Ding completely knows how to play the fusion game in food. Pair the course with the slightly fruity Glenfiddich 12 YO and you’re well on your way.

The evening gets a little spicier with the Glenfiddich 15 YO, to be enjoyed with the Singaporean Scotch Egg with Asian Cabbage Slaw. Drawing cues from local Chinese minced pork dishes, Ding encases the egg with beef that’s been seasoned with five spice to achieve a flavour that hits home. Fortunately, I find the meat and yolk combo neither too cloying nor dry, and the slaw turns out to be a rather crunchy and refreshing side.

What I’d suggest for the restaurant to permanently add to its menu is the Poached Pear Tartlet with Nutmeg and Clove Ice Cream, which turns out to be the dessert of the evening. I relish this at a rather unhealthy pace, guiltlessly, taking sips of the oaky Glenfiddich 18 YO between mouthfuls. The ice cream comes from Tom’s Palette, but this shouldn’t deter anyone, because the glorious combination of toasted coconut ice cream and poached pears should send one reeling with questions as to why culinary experiences such as this don’t come by often, when they should.

On 7 December 2021, diners can look forward to The Modern Glenfiddich Experience ($138++), the second part of the Experiential Dinner Series. Ding is joined by guest chef Tryson Quek to dish up a six-course dinner pairing menu, featuring modern Singaporean cuisine paired with five signature cocktails crafted by the Nutmeg & Clove bar team. Make reservations for either dinner series here

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