This Week in Luxury: Bentley Batur, Alibaba CEO and more

In our weekly series, we bring you the latest in luxury news around the world. This week’s highlights: A luxurious space capsule, Norqain’s Wild One Skeleton watches, and a penguin visit with Quark Expeditions

Bentley Batur. Photo by Bentley

Made to an ordered drive

Looking for the epitome of a luxurious grand tourer? Have you tried the Bentley Batur by Mulliner? After completing its rigorous development programme, this masterpiece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail; each car showcases unparalleled bespoke craftsmanship. The process takes approximately four months, with the final creation slated for completion in late 2024. While only 18 exclusive Batur cars are handbuilt, Bentley maintains its uncompromising standards through extensive testing, including high-speed trials, rough terrain assessments and durability examinations. With this level of scrutiny, this vehicle will endure a lifetime of refined performance.


Eddie Wu, the new CEO at Alibaba. Photo by Alibaba

Company shake-up

Prominent Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba Group Holding, undergoes a leadership restructuring amid market challenges and post-pandemic recovery efforts. After eight years at the helm, CEO Daniel Zhang will be replaced by Joseph Tsai, the executive vice-chairman. Eddie Wu, chairman of Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall divisions, will take over as the new chief executive. Despite recent revenue concerns, Zhang will continue leading Alibaba’s cloud business. The company has faced regulatory scrutiny and penalties in the past, which impacted its operations and market perception.


One of the apartments in Highstay’s portfolio. Photo by Highstay

Live like a Parisian

With a groundbreaking collection of independent travel apartments, Highstay lets you look at the soul and culture of Paris in a new light. Each private pied-à-terre apartment is meticulously designed by interior experts. With a focus on prime locations, Highstay offers tailored hotel services and a concierge experience. Catering to the desires of discerning travellers seeking authenticity, comfort and emotional connections, they will be spoiled by the 32 remarkable properties, from Champs-Élysées to the trendy Marais district.


A celestial vehicle out of a Jules Verne’s novel. Photo by Zephalto

Up in the air

Pack for space with the Céleste, a luxurious space capsule crafted by renowned designer Joseph Dirand for Zephalto, the esteemed space travel company. Scheduled for its maiden voyage in late 2024, the Céleste will lift off from France. Hosting up to six guests and two pilots, the six-hour flight will ascend to 25km above Earth. The balloon-shaped vessel features composite fibres and a reflective silver exterior. Bright and shining, it is a vehicle to the heavens that promises an extraordinary experience to last a lifetime.

Céleste Space Capsule

Norqain Limited-Edition Wild One Skeleton Burgundy. Photo by Norqain

Beneath the face

Make a stylish statement this summer with Norqain’s Wild One Skeleton watches. Now in two colourways, the turquoise version captures the essence of crystal blue waters and sunsets, while the burgundy edition (limited to 300 pieces) adds a dreamy touch inspired by summer twilight. Designed for high-performance sports, these robust timepieces feature a skeletonised movement and revolutionary case construction. With their vibrant colours and animal cruelty-free rubber straps, these watches are the ultimate accessories for a laid-back beach day.


Emperor Penguins. Photo by Andy Holmes/Unsplash

Waddle this way

Venture to Snow Hill Island with Quark’s expedition team as they ensure a landing at this penguin rookery. Hop on the Ultramarine ship, where twin-engine helicopters will transport you to this rarely explored area and witness breathtaking encounters with over 4,000 breeding Emperor penguins and their chicks. Immerse yourself in scenes reminiscent of beloved nature documentaries and create your own legendary story while embracing the unexpected on this extraordinary journey. Sign up now for Quark Expedition’s 2024 voyage.

Quark Expeditions

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