Minotti’s versatile Roger seating system is designed to elevate any living space

minotti roger

Thanks to Minotti’s Roger, lounging in style takes on a whole new dimension of possibilities

Modular sofa systems are still very much in vogue, but Minotti’s Roger might well take the cake in terms of extreme versatility and superior craftsmanship. First unveiled as part of the Italian luxury furniture brand’s 2021 collection, Roger was conceived by artistic director Rodolfo Dordoni, who’s also behind statement pieces like the cubic Suitcase armchair and the Sunray outdoor seating system.

Flaunting clean lines, geometric shapes and sophisticated upholstery, Roger is specifically intended to blend effortlessly into any living space, be it mid-century modern or contemporary design. It’s composed of three distinct elements: the Roger suite (a cushioned seat), Roger Spring (a monobloc seat), and the Roger Spring Sofà (an armless variation).

Depending on the setting and its corresponding spatial configurations, each Roger element can function as a separate entity or come together harmoniously as a coherent whole, open to multifarious modes of interpretation. Regardless of which layout you opt for, Roger will be fully customisable to your liking, from the types of backrests and armrests, to functional inclusions like tops and containers.

In a keen demonstration of savoir faire, Roger’s seats are composed of high-resilience, variable-density polyurethane foam, backed by core inserts made of steel pocket spring for added durability and comfort. Additionally, the cushions are layered with channelled goose down and a breathable heat-bonded quilted fibre casing, fitted in plush upholsteries like aspen leather, Alcantara and velvet. Noticeably, Roger is embroidered with a linear quilted motif that runs gently across its surface, accentuating its contours to exude a subtle, yet elegant charm.

minotti roger
The Roger Coffee Table

As for the finishing touches, add on the accompanying set of attached coffee tables for greater depth and functionality, available in myriad wood options including fuller tones like stained palisander Santos and lacquered ash veneer. After all, the customisation options are virtually endless, stretching as far as your imagination can go.