Cortina Watch celebrates its 50th anniversary by promoting social sustainability

By Amos Chin 26 June, 2024

Committing S$1 Million to local non-profit organisation, AWWA, Cortina Watch affirms dedication to social responsibility

In a bid to enhance societal welfare and uplift vulnerable communities, Cortina Watch has pledged S$1 million to AWWA, with the funds disbursed from April 2022 to March 2024. This generous contribution is earmarked for essential educational and community integration programs designed to support children and families in need.

“At Cortina Watch, we believe in making a positive impact on the communities where we operate,” professes Mr Jeremy Lim, chief executive officer of Cortina Watch Pte Ltd. “Our partnership with AWWA reflects our commitment to social sustainability and our dedication to enriching lives through meaningful contributions.”

Notably, the donations to AWWA School at Napiri and Bedok, facilitated through Community Chest, have already made a significant impact. These contributions have enabled the implementation of bespoke educational initiatives that foster independence and societal integration for children with autism and multiple disabilities.

The brand’s support doesn’t stop there, further extending to AWWA’s Community Integration Service, providing critical skills, therapy, and allied health consultations to students. Additionally, the contributions to AWWA Family Service Centre via Community Chest are instrumental in aiding low-income individuals and vulnerable families grappling with social and emotional challenges. Social Work Practitioners at the Centre offer comprehensive case management and collaborate with other agencies to provide holistic support, fostering stability, self-reliance, and social mobility among clients.

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