Damen Yachting’s SeaXplorer 105 yacht concept carries two helicopters and a submarine

This Epic New 345-Foot Expedition Yacht Has an 8,000-Mile Range

The transoceanic explorer SeaXplorer 105 has a luxurious interior and carries two helicopters, five tenders and a sub

Damen Yachting newest yacht, the SeaXplorer 105, is a combination of comfort, size and serious expedition features designed into a polar-class hull. The Amels division used client feedback to create this new 105-m concept, partnering with Azure Yacht Design and EYOS Expeditions for the fine details. This latest of the SeaXplorer line – which include 90-, 95- and 100-m sisterships – has more than 5,760sqm of volume across eight decks.

Size matters on this new Damen: It hasile  two owner’s suites and accommodations for 24 guests, storage garages for two twin-engine helicopters, space for five tenders and an an impressive range of nearly 13,000km to cross the Pacific without having to refuel. The new design also has garage space for a submarine.

The focus of the 105’s exterior is on maximising time in the outdoors, with a water sports center and scuba deck, along with a special embarkment point at water level for immediate access to the ocean.

This Epic New 345-Foot Expedition Yacht Has an 8,000-Mile Range
The forward bow lounge is one of many design features that add comfort to the rugged explorer design

The 300sqm helideck also serves double duty for large social gatherings in port, or it even works as a tennis court or half-basketball court, for pick-up games at the end of the world. Belowdecks, a weathertight double hangar with hydraulic lift system keeps both aircraft protected from the elements.

The designers focused on multi-tasking areas like the helideck and transom. The rear of the yacht is not only a huge swim platform, but also has an open bar area with upstairs lounge.

This Epic New 345-Foot Expedition Yacht Has an 8,000-Mile Range
The stern offers direct access to the water, while the internal beach club includes a bar and lounge area

On the inside, the SeaXplorer 105 is all about comfort. In keeping with its sisterships, the designers included a forward Observation Lounge with an outside bow deck, but supersized it to 123sqm, so groups could gather to enjoy exceptional views in the evening after a day of diving or heli-skiing. The open layout, surrounded by windows on all sides, has a bar and multimedia center. The 280-sqm indoor spa is also full-featured, with a gym with foldout terrace, whirlpool, steam room, massage area, hairdresser and beauty salon. Its 7-m indoor pool is heated.

This Epic New 345-Foot Expedition Yacht Has an 8,000-Mile Range
The 105-m expedition yacht has space for two helicopters, great for those who’d like to go skiing in Antarctica, or in the mountains

The hybrid diesel-electric propulsion pods are designed to minimise emissions. The SeaXplorer 105 is also IMO Polar Code category B compliant for environmental protection. The hull is Polar Class 7, with the stern designed for breaking ice in fast-changing conditions. The yacht also has retractable stabiliser fins for when “growlers” are lurking beneath the surface. These truck-sized fragments of ice are hazardous to yachts with fixed fins, so the 105’s retractable fins let the boat cruise in relative safety.

“The SeaXplorer 105 is a fully developed design,” says Enrique Tintore, SeaXplorer design manager. “However, the scope for client customisation is massive–that’s a key part of our proposition throughout the design process.”

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