David Gandy has added a new swimwear collection to David Gandy Wellwear

David Gandy Wellwear Poolside Collection

We caught up with British supermodel David Gandy to talk Grecian summers and his new Poolside Collection

You launched David Gandy Wellwear (DGW) swimwear and the new Poolside Collection ahead of the UK—indeed Europe’s—greatest summer. Can we add meteorologist and soothsayer to the already heady CV?

Oh, go on then! Travel had to come back at some point and as with all things, timing is everything. That said, it’s a category I’ve had success in before so I know the market well, and alongside our best-in-class tees, Poolside has turned out to be one of the most popular categories we’ve launched, so we’ve made it an all-year-round collection —for your summers as well as ours.

Right, so why’s your swimwear the best?

I believe there are five basic rules that men should follow for swimwear, all of which have been applied to the design of David Gandy Wellwear swim shorts:

Length does matter: The ideal length would show most of your thigh—think cheeky without being indecent. My personal preference is a short short, which is by far the most flattering on your legs and eliminates awkward tan lines.

Room to move: Whether you’re into water sports or sunbathing, comfort needs to be front of mind while keeping an eye on style. If you can’t move in them, don’t buy them.

Sustainability: Rather than swim shorts that use recycled materials, look for enhanced biodegradability—meaning that many years down the line when you’re refreshing your swim shorts, the existing ones biodegrade within a couple of years, as opposed to other fabrics that can take tens or hundreds of years.

Fastenings: go for the classic drawstring. They’re more forgiving on the waistline after a big lunch.

Keep the colour plain: It’s timeless and can be easily styled when you’re leaving the beach at the end of the day.

The new Poolside Collection is more than just swimwear. You’re planting a flag for the return of towelling, too.

I never wanted David Gandy Wellwear’s Poolside Collection to be swim shorts only, as the whole concept behind the brand is an all-day wardrobe. I see towelling as an elegant answer to resort wear for men, either as a sweatshirt to dress down or a collared polo if you’re wanting something a bit smarter.

What prompted you to launch David Gandy Wellwear?

Starting my own brand is something that’s been in my head for over a decade and is one of the final things I’ve really wanted to ‘conquer’ in the fashion industry. I’ve been on the go non-stop for the past couple of decades, but the pandemic presented a lifestyle change for me—as it did for everyone—and for the first time in forever I slowed down and stayed in one place. One of my great friends had just started a branding agency so together we had the time and collective skill set to bring Wellwear to life.

Favourite thing to do in summer?

Either taking my daughters to Greece and watching them explore the beaches, discover a new cuisine, and learn to swim, or one of those long rosé-fuelled lunches with friends where suddenly it’s midnight and you’re all still sitting in the garden.

David Gandy Wellwear

This article was first published on Robb Report AU