The Egofit Walker Pro is a mini treadmill designed to fit into your life

Egofit Walker Pro

Good things come in small packages, like the Egofit Walker Pro

So that pesky, guilt-tripping step counter on your fitness tracker simply refuses to go above 10,000. Frustrating, but instead of ditching the car for a walk home, you get the Egofit Walker Pro.

It’s a nifty device that’s really a mini treadmill designed to fit perfectly in most places: under your desk, in front of the TV, and most importantly, your life. There’s still walking involved, but at least you’d feel like you are doing it on your own terms and not at the goading of a fitness tracker.

Egofit Walker Pro
The Egofit Walker Pro may be the smallest treadmill in the market

At 97.5cm long and 55.5cm wide, the Egofit Walker Pro is a little more compact than some similar products already available on the market. The equally popular Walking Pad, for example, has to be folded to get anywhere near these proportions. The EgoFit Walker Pro can’t be folded, but that’s probably not necessary.

Its petite size makes it ideal for placing under a desk, so you can walk while working. There are two wheels attached to the front for easy transportation—like to right in front of the TV so you can continue to gun for those 10,000 steps while binging your favourite show.

Admittedly, one downside to the small size is that the Egofit Walker Pro may not be suitable for those with long strides or long legs.

Egofit Walker Pro
The Egofit Walker Pro comes with a fixed five-degree incline. The brand also offers a treadmill without incline

To start up the machine, use the remote control or the FitShow app. The latter saves data from your workout, but downloading it won’t be necessary—the treadmill’s digital screen has the same functions tracking the calories burnt, distance walked, step count and walking speed.

It’s worth noting that the app and the treadmill do not sync. This means that if you do have the app but choose to start your workout with the remote, all the data for your workout will only be saved to the treadmill. To get a workout’s data on your phone, the app is a must.

The Egofit Walker Pro comes with a fixed five-degree incline and can take weights up to 110kg. It has a maximum speed of five km/hr and can be yours for US$399.