Valter Spano, Partners & Mucciaccia

Valter Spano, director of Partners & Mucciaccia

Before starting the international gallery that is Partners & Mucciaccia, Valter Spano’s foray into art started with collecting. The Italian has always had a passion of art – a birthright for Italians, if you will – and made this into a career. It’s a passion that comes naturally to him – like breathing, he says.

If not for art, Spano would love to be a travel explorer. But his love for art triumphs other interests in life, and he’s not one to look back.

The biggest misconception about the world of art? That it’s only for the super-rich. “If you know where to look and don’t follow trends, art is for everyone,” shares Spano. “Good art doesn’t equal to expensive art.”

Instead, Spano looks for quality, which is exemplified in the collections which Partners & Mucciaccia shows. Established in Singapore in September 2012 at Gillman Barracks, it specialises in modern masters and established contemporary artists. Connecting artists to international collectors, it’s also become a space for critics and students.

When asked about the one thing he could change about the industry, Spano jests, “Well, too many to list, it will take your entire magazine to list them.” And it’s the same when he’s asked about his favourite artist, except that this time, he’s able to decide on one, Pablo Picasso.

Valter Spano, Partners & Mucciaccia