Gucci Vault’s new collab with Rowing Blazers has everything from shorts to tailcoats

By Demetrius Simms 25 May, 2023
gucci x rowing blazers

The 15-piece menswear offerings has the range every summer wardrobe needs

Rowing Blazers wants to put some prep in your step this summer.

The colourful, Ivy-inspired brand has teamed up with Gucci’s experimental online store, known as Gucci Vault, for a new capsule collection that spans everything from vacation mode to white-tie ready. Its 15-piece menswear offering includes, well, rowing blazers with contrast piping, rugby shirts in summery hues, a spirited set of tails, and a variety of accessories including ties and a baseball cap. The collection is inspired by sporting and social clubs at Oxford and Cambridge, but its fun assortment is anything but stuffy.

gucci x rowing blazers
From left to right: Tuxedo Stripe Shirt (US$210); Green Wool Blazer (US$1,150)

With temperatures rising, the rugby shirts and shorts are likely to get the most attention. Both styles feature a hand-embroidered dodo, crafted from bullion wire goldwork. The flightless bird has been associated with Rowing Blazers—and Oxford—since its inception.  “The dodo is at once noble and tragic,” says Carlson in a statement. “I’ve been fascinated by them since I was very young.” The dodo also pops up on the accessories.

The capsule also includes two colour block wool blazers in green and purple, a branded t-shirt, and an upcycled checkered fleece jacket. A tuxedo version of Rowing Blazers’s best-selling fun shirt is one of the drop’s most unique offerings, featuring a wing collar and white bib attached to four sets of coloured stripes. The star piece of the collection, however, is a formal tailcoat with mismatched grosgrain lapel facings in red and sky blue. It comes with a matching pair of trousers that have mismatched grosgrain side stripes.

gucci x rowing blazers
From left to right: T-Shirt with Dodo Embroidery (US$210); Mesh Shorts (US$120)

“There is a rowing club in the Netherlands where all the members wear stripey blazers,” Carlson claims. “But the club president has a formal tailcoat instead, with mismatched lapel facings in the club’s, orange and green. I’ve wanted to make a tailcoat like this since I saw it,” he says. “The opportunity to work on a capsule for Gucci Vault provided the perfect opportunity to bring it to life.”

In 2021, Gucci Vault made its debut as an online store where the brand’s “past, present, and future coexist.” It often releases new high-end capsules, limited-edition products, and items from other brands brands. You can even find some of its offerings in the metaverse.

But if you want real-world merchandise, you can buy pieces from the limited-edition Rowing Blazers x Gucci Vault capsule collection now on Gucci’s website. Prices range from US$70 to US$1,500.


This article was first published on Robb Report USA