Tom Ford Myrrhe Mystère is the scent for the times

The neutral yet seductive eau de parfum works with however you choose to identify

Tom Ford‘s Myrrhe Mystère Eau de Parfum is a captivating exploration of one of perfumery‘s most iconic ingredients, the mystical resin of myrrh. The fragrance transcends traditional boundaries, offering a seductive experience that combines timeless richness with a modern serenity.

Notes beyond Myrrhe

The scent opens with a powerful duo of myrrh essences, creating a warm, spicy, and softly sweet ambiance. Unlike the typical coldness associated with myrrh fragrances, Myrrhe Mystère leans towards a warmer side, embracing a classic yet contemporary olfactory profile. The exquisite Ultra-Vanille accord further enhances the fragrance, adding a powdery sweetness that lingers throughout the scent’s development.

As the fragrance evolves, the smoky and dark facets intensify, revealing a dry, woody character reminiscent of a partially burnt log. While the balsamic myrrh note remains elusive, the smoky vanilla and ambery facets persist, offering a unisex scent that is versatile in any climate.

Myrrhe Mystère’s dry down sees the emergence of woody notes, maintaining a smoky allure tempered by the lingering vanilla-amber accord. The fragrance’s longevity is moderate, making it an ideal companion for the colder seasons, which may not mean sub-zero degree temperatures here, but a cooler Christmas period to make the most of.

For optimal usage, the fragrance is best applied to clean skin with a simple spray once or twice on desired areas. It’s crucial not to rub the fragrance, preserving its intended development and ensuring a captivating, lasting allure.

The Myrrhe Mystère bottle is a luxurious testament to the fragrance’s opulence, housed in a brown iteration of the iconic Private Blend bottle. Besides the 30ml, the 50ml flacon and 250ml decanter, adorned with a brown plaque, stand as extravagant monuments on any vanity or grooming area.

Tom Ford