Live on Hong Kong’s Star Ferry superyacht, an iconic ’80s cross-harbour passenger ferry transformed into a New York loft-style weekend home

By South China Morning Post 12 March, 2021
Hong Kong’s Star Ferry superyacht

The decommissioned 47-metre-long Golden Star was reborn as Dot, both a luxury property and a floating piece of Hong Kong heritage and culture. It boasts a cinema room and four bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, and it is eco-friendly, too

A true Hong Kong getaway home is up for grabs in the form of a luxurious yacht converted from the only Star Ferry to have ever been privately sold. Its asking price? HK$21 million (S$3.63 million).

The Golden Star, named after its predecessor that retired in 1968, is a UK-built vessel that measures 47 metres long, and 11 metres longer than others in the Star Ferry fleet. This particular Hong Kong heirloom was built in the city’s glory years of the ’80s, a period of economic flourishing as well as the rise of Canto-pop culture and the golden age of Hong Kong cinema.

In 2011, the Golden Star was put up for sale, after the Star Ferry route from Wan Chai to Hung Hom was closed due to dwindling commuter numbers. The private owner converted the Star Ferry yacht into a luxurious weekend home and berthed her in Tai Tam Bay, dubbing her Dot.

According to a spokesperson at Ocean Independence, the luxury superyacht brokerage charged with the sale of Dot, the original private owner of the yacht is a bit of a romantic, with fond memories of Star Ferry rides as a child and as a working professional in Hung Hom.

For his new weekend abode, the owner opened up the 557 sqm of nautical real estate with a mezzanine area. The renovation allowed for a modern, open-air interior that could hypothetically fit a 4.27-m Christmas tree.

The floor, traditionally fitted on a public Star Ferry with utilitarian reversible benches, is now opened up and relieved of the bolted seats. The owner opted for curved bar counters in the galley, a dining room that seats a comfortable six, and sprawling sofas in the salon to lounge in as you soak in your own exclusive slice of Hong Kong history.

Dot also has four en suite staterooms with full baths and showers, two office spaces and a dedicated cinema room to watch some of those Hong Kong classics in style.

If all this sounds a little indulgent, you might be right. But the Dot also has quite an eco-friendly set-up that means your carbon footprint isn’t nearly as excessive as your idea of a weekend getaway.

Dot is fitted with 169 sqm of solar panels as well as a large bank of batteries to provide as much solar power as possible to the converted yacht. As such, Dot achieves 75 per cent of power consumption from solar energy sources.

Also in the theme of self-sufficiency and living off the grid, a water catchment system collects rainwater to be used in water tanks. Capable of storing 57,000 litres, these tanks – which filter the rainwater – provide most of the water used on board. Specialists note that, in just one summer downpour, around 7,000 litres can be collected and filtered.

In the renovation of Dot, the designers opted for roof insulation, shade wings and double glazing to keep decks cool in the Hong Kong summer. The kitchen and dining area, as well, feature sliding doors on both sides to maintain cool temperatures if so desired.

Yours for HK$21 million (S$3.63 million) at Seanergy Limited of Ocean Independence