Mr Porter will now help you sell the clothes you don’t wear anymore

Mr Porter Resell

The retailer’s new Resell programme is committed to giving your unwanted luxury duds a new life

“Thrifting,” it seems, is no longer a dirty word. As more and more consumers are practising sustainable shopping habits, turning to secondhand and rental markets, luxury retailers are taking note. There’s The RealReal, of course, as well as Vestiaire Collective, Grailed and plenty of others. Now, Mr Porter is getting in on the action and partnering with the technology-driven reseller, Reflaunt, to launch a new program called Mr Porter Resell.

“Mr Porter Resell reflects our continued commitment to responsible style,” says Mr Porter’s managing director, Fiona Firth. “Our goal is to enable our customers to build positive consumption into their purchases, motivating them to see fashion’s long-lasting value.” By offering shoppers an option to extend the lifecycle of their garments—finding them a new home rather than sending them to the dumpster—Firth says that the new partnership will “provide the opportunity for our customers to have impact with their wardrobes.”

It’s a particularly significant move considering that, when it launched in 2011, Mr Porter was a pioneer of men’s luxury online shopping. This latest development reflects a larger shift in how men shop now. A survey of the e-commerce giant’s shoppers reveals that over 75 per cent of customers make purchases based on a product’s sustainability credentials, and 50 per cent have already been shopping the resale market in recent years. Naturally, the expansion into resale makes sense with such strong (and climbing) demand—but is it still “luxury”?

According to Firth, absolutely: “Resale provides shoppers with access to sought-after brands, exclusive sold-out products and cult pieces,” she says. “When you think of luxury, you think of long-lasting product, which is the opportunity consumers have with a service such as Mr Porter Resell.” Furthermore, resale provides the opportunity to nab rare collectibles and limited-edition items that are otherwise near impossible to come by.

What sets Mr Porter Resell apart is its stringent standards—on par with the retailer’s usual offerings. Its vetting and quality control processes operate at an industry-high thanks to Reflaunt’s computing muscle. “Reflaunt’s unique technology platform and data capabilities are best in class, with a truly global scope,” says Firth. “Reflaunt checks each piece for authenticity before it goes through their photography management process and uploaded on their partner marketplaces.”

While the secondhand products won’t be sold through Mr Porter directly (items are listed across more than 20 resale marketplaces internationally and primarily on Tradesy, eBay and Etsy in the US), sellers will have the option of being paid in cash or in Mr Porter store credit. The process is simple: upload basic details about the items you’re ready to part with, then Mr Porter will collect them from you and send them to be evaluated by Reflaunt. The pieces are then priced accordingly, professionally photographed and listed across Reflaunt’s network of resale sites. Once the items sell, you’ll get the funds (minus a variable service commission) back in your wallet or to spend on your next conscientious fashion score.

Mr Porter and Reflaunt

This story was first published on Robb Report USA