Date Night: Chef Ryujiro Nakamura brings Tokyo’s one Michelin-starred Sushi Ryujiro to Singapore

In this partnership with the Les Amis Group, Sushi Ryujiro Singapore will not be a mere carbon copy of the flagship in Tokyo

What’s the story?

Omakase is usually delicious, but rarely is it fun. Unless it’s a meal at Sushi Ryujiro, a one Michelin-starred restaurant from Tokyo. Founded by Ryujiro Nakamura, a 38-year-old chef with a contagious laughter, it recently arrived in Singapore as part of the Les Amis Group, and will be the Nakamura’s first and only international outpost.

While his sushi is a culmination of skills acquired from three masters—Nobuharu Hase (Aoizushi), Takahito Hanawa (Sushi Hagihara) and Mitsuyasu Nagano (Umi)—it is the wisdom of the late Nagano that truly left an impression. “Grasping the skills to make sushi is not enough. Aim for grasping customer’s hearts,” he was once taught.

What is the place like?

At Sushi Ryujiro, he strives to create a relaxing, enjoyable ambience. He wants it to be like Disneyland, a place that brings you so much joy that you will miss it as soon as you leave. It is also the culture and character of his team that matter, which will reflect in the dishes that they produce. “The way we treat one another is the way we treat our customers,” he says.

He also aims for Sushi Ryujiro Singapore to embody Tokyo’s values, rather than mimic the experience. Complementing his vision is head chef Naruki Ikeda, a young chef handpicked by Nakamura. He brings a wealth of experience from acclaimed establishments in Japan and the same dedication and fun as Nakamura.

For the best experience, sit at the 14-seat counter. You can also reserve the semi-private dining room for four, where you may catch a bird’s-eye view of the action, or the six-seat private dining room, where the chef will personally tend to you.

What about the food?

Nakamura believes that the essence of sushi lies in simplicity and its delivery. His approach is thus characterised by humility and a respect for tradition, injected with a personal touch. This same principle will be upheld by chef Ikeda, who trained at the flagship for three months. Nakamura will also be back every quarter to update menus and ensure everything is shipshape.

There are three menus to choose from: Nigiri (S$188, lunch), Omakase (S$288, lunch and dinner) and Signature Omakase (S$388, dinner). Guests can also splurge on a special menu (S$488) whenever Nakamura is in town. Expect signatures from Tokyo and dishes created specially for Singapore, such as the Nodoguro, a buttery fish grilled over kishu binchotan charcoal, rolled with sushi rice, shiso leaf, takuan and leek. The Chutoro, which sits on pearly sushi rice, is a Tokyo signature that pays homage to Nakamura’s mentor at Sushi Umi. It’s delicious, but not as unexpected as the Kappa, where Japanese cucumber is sliced katsuramuki style and blanched in iced water, before getting sliced again into matchsticks and rolled into a maki.

Sushi Ryujiro opens for lunch and dinner, Tuesdays to Sundays. Reservations open 90 days in advance.

Sushi Ryujiro
1 Scotts Road,
Shaw Centre, 01-19
Tel: +65 8028 1940