The best exercise bikes to workout on: Ciclotte, TechnoGym, NOHrD and more for your home gym

Ciclotte Bike Red

One bike. Two feet. Countless experiences

Like it or not, telecommuting will play a huge part of our lives. And while working from home has its pros and cons (it certainly isn’t for everyone), the biggest perk we can think of is squeezing in a workout from our home gym. With that in mind, we’ve scoured the web for the most up-to-date exercise bikes, great for those who don’t necessarily have the space required for a high-tech gym filled with smart equipment. These bikes don’t just offer smart television features, they also come with on-demand classes, and allow you to track your progress via apps. Who knows? One of these may have you abandoning your gym membership altogether. After all, one writer who used Mirror for an entire year did just that.

Ciclotte Bike Carbon
Ciclotte pairs high-design with functionality

Ciclotte Bike

Price: From €9,500 ($15,200)

Ciclotte’s ergonomic circular frame is unlike any bike on the market, and it pairs high-design with functionality. It successfully replicates the sensation of road cycling, thanks to its five spinning positions, turn-multiplier transmission and rotation of the outer wheel. The bike is made from carbon fibre, steel and glass fibre, and you can choose from a variety of materials and colours. Pair it with the Kinomap app to track your distance, resistance and speed, and cycle around the world with virtual bike routes. 

Space required: 111cm x l 49cm x l 111cm

The TechnoGym Personal line is designed in collaboration with Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio

TechnoGym Bike Personal

Price: US$11,650 (S$15,500)

TechnoGym continues to prove that design and functionality can coexist with Personal collection, its line of luxury fitness equipment. Designed in collaboration with Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio, the collection shows how it’s possible to stray away from the everyday design of gym equipment. Made from micro-polished steel and aluminum, Bike Personal is slimmer and sleeker than your average piece of workout equipment, and comes packed with programming from expert trainers around the world. Bike enthusiasts can also take heart in the fact that TechnoGym partners with Olympic athletes to test its programming and product function. 

Space required: 170cm x 56.4cm x 140cm

NOHrD Bike Indoor Cycle
NOHrD is both sustainable and of high quality

NOHrD Bike Indoor Cycle

Price: From €2,495 (S$4,000)

Known for its wooden exercise equipment , NOHrD is one of the highest quality and sustainably made exercise equipment manufacturers on the market. Its innovation lies in its advanced planetary gearing and allows for training in both upright and racing positions with a variety of grip options for every fitness level. Its indoor bike, which uses wood from sustainably managed forests, is fitted with an infinitely variable resistance disc, precise pedal stroke resistance, and wear-free magnetic brake technology. Owners can also choose from various types of wood and finishings of the bike. 

Space required: 113cm x 60cm x 117cm

The 2021 model comes with iFit

NordicTrack Commercial SS2i iFit Studio Cycle

Price: US$1,999 (S$3,200)

If you’re after a bike with high performance and the latest technology, NordicTrack’s Commercial SS2i iFit Studio Cycle is a solid choice. The 2021 model comes with a brand-new connected fitness feature, iFit, which acts as an interactive personal trainer with on-demand workout classes – you can even text your trainers for advice on the best workouts for toning specific areas of your body. 

But perhaps the biggest selling point: not only will the Global Workouts hyper-realistic experience take you through the Swiss Alps, Moab National Park and other scenic routes, you’ll also be able to experience the exact sensations when you’re cycling in person, thanks to the bike’s incline and decline features.

Space required: 160cm x 55cm x 150cm

BowFlex VeloCore Bike
Choose from a 16- or 22-inch touchscreen display

BowFlex VeloCore Bike

Price: From US$1,699 (S$2,260)

Unlike most stationary bikes, BowFlex VeloCore is best known for its multiple riding styles, which allows you to lean, rock and sway like you would on a regular bike. In turn, you get a full body workout, activating core and arm muscles. Choose from a 16- or 22-inch touchscreen display; both come with workout and subscription streaming capabilities. The purchase also comes with a subscription to BowFlex’s app, JRNY, which has plenty of workouts, virtual coaching and an Explore The World experience. The bike has magnetic resistance levels, so it’s a virtually silent and ultra-smooth ride.

Space required: 1.5m x 61.2cm x 1.44m