The McLaren 765LT is a 765hp supercar that will do zero to 200 km/hr in only seven seconds

Other standout numbers include its standing quarter mile (400m) time of 9.9 seconds and a price tag starting from S$1.6 million

A brand-new supercar from McLaren is always a cause for celebration. But that vehicle becomes even more exciting when you find out that it can cover a quarter mile (400m) in less than 10 seconds. You read that right, less than 10 seconds.

The British marque has talked up its latest ‘longtail’ model, the 765LT, as its most powerful road-going vehicle yet, and the performance stats revealed in a press release suggest they may have undersold the car’s capabilities. That’s because the boutique carmaker has officially revised some of those numbers for the better.

The most impressive of these claims is that the ultra-light vehicle, which is based on the 720S, can travel a quarter mile (400m) in just 9.9 seconds. Quarter-mile times are rarely made public by supercar manufactures, but Motor1 points out that the 765LT’s figure put it in truly rarified air.

But that’s not all. It can also zoom from zero to 200 km/hr in just 7 seconds, which is 0.2 seconds quicker than previously promised. Meanwhile, its zero to 100km/h time remains at a jaw-dropping 2.8 seconds. All in all, these figures mean that the car is even quicker than expected.

In the same press release, McLaren also announced that production of the exclusive vehicle had finally commenced. All 765 examples of the 2020 765LT will be hand-assembled at the brand’s Woking production facility, with deliveries of the first completed cars expected to begin later this month.

Despite its hefty S$1.6 million price tag (exclusive of COE and optional extras), the entire 2020 run has already sold out, while demand for the 2021 model has already surpassed the number that will be available.

The 765LT was first announced by McLaren earlier this year (and it’s also recently been launched in Singapore). Based on the 720S, it is a stripped-down, carbon-fibre speed machine that tips the scale at 80 kg lighter than its older sibling. But as streamlined as the ‘longtail’ supercar may be, the real reason for its out of this world performance numbers is its twin-turbocharged four-litre V8 which is capable of producing 765 horses.

This story was first published on Robb Report US