The new PhoneSoap Pro is a fast, travel-friendly device that charges and cleans your electronics with UV

PhoneSoap Pro

From smartphones to AirPods, the sleek new PhoneSoap Pro rids electronics of 99.99 per cent of bacteria in just five minutes. Take that, coronavirus

Our electronics really get around when we’re travelling. I shudder to think of all the places my phone alone goes on a travel day, from the tops of airline and hotel check-in counters and the insides of TSA bins to airplane seat pockets and taxi backseats. So it’s always been important, even before the current coronavirus fears, to sanitise our gear – but also a challenge, as they can’t be cleaned with liquids or treated as thoroughly with anti-bacterial wipes or micro-fibre cloths (since the uneven surfaces and crevices of electronic devices are often hard to access.) Luckily, one of the leading makers of UV light-based sanitising devices has introduced a new model that makes it easier than ever to banish germs while on the road.

phonesoap pro
The PhoneSoap Pro is available in multiple colours. For an extra US$10 (S$13.85), it can be personalised with custom text or photos

According to the experts at PhoneSoap, research has shown that cell phones harbour 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom – mainly because, as they’re in our hands all day, they take on germs from everything we touch. To fight this, the company has for 10 years been creating products that disinfect technology using UV-C wavelength light, which provides a thorough, 360-degree cleaning without emitting any heat or harmful chemicals. The latest model, the PhoneSoap Pro, includes a host of upgraded features that are ideal for travelling, including a faster sanitisation cycle. By adding two more light bulbs and a new reflective aluminium interior, the device can now clean tech in five minutes instead of 10.

The new design also fits phones that have been placed in bulky or battery-equipped cases (as well as keys, earbuds, credit cards, Apple watches and more), and features USB-A and USB-C charging ports, so you can charge two devices at once while sanitising them. You also have the ability to charge on your schedule, thanks to both automatic and manual activation options, and can also hear your phone’s alarm or vibrations while it’s in the Pro – so you won’t miss that wake-up alarm, or your flight.

Yours for US$119.95 (S$166.18).