This Week in Luxury: Hublot’s partnership with chef Clare Smyth MBE, Rolls-Royce’s commemoration of human endeavour, and the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience

By Ben Kwok 29 June, 2021

In our weekly series, we bring you the latest in luxury news from around the world. This week’s highlights: Aston Martin’s tribute to a pioneering model, Eve Urban Air Mobility partners Ascent, and the US$939m yacht on a mission

Rolls-Royce Dawn and Wraith Landspeed collection
The Landspeed collection is the ultimate tribute to the record-breaking exploits of Captain George Eyston

Rolls-Royce commemorates the fearless spirit of human endeavour with their new Landspeed collection

Why you should care: Rolls-Royce has announced a new limited collection of 25 Dawn and 35 Wraith models, to commemorate the exploits of one captain George Eyston. A keen racing driver and brilliant inventor, Eyston set the world land speed records with his Thunderbolt car, which was powered by two Rolls-Royce V12 aero engines. In a tribute to his daring achievements, Rolls-Royce’s latest release features several location-inspired design highlights: the ‘Bonneville’ name engraved into the housing of the dashboard clock, where he set the records; the fissures of the Bonneville Salt Flats reproduced on the fascia and console lids; and the outline of the Silver Island mountains that dominate the Bonneville horizon, engraved between the rear seats, amongst other design details. Finished in a specially-created two-tone paint scheme called Black Diamond Metallic with Bonneville Blue, this release is the ultimate tribute to an innovator and the daring spirit of endeavour he lived by.


Clare Smyth Hublot
Chef Clare Smyth MBE is Hublot’s latest Friend of the Brand

Haute horlogerie meets gastronomical innovation

Why you should care: Swiss watchmaker Hublot has welcomed three Michelin-starred British chef Clare Smyth MBE as the latest Friend of the Brand. The partnership sees two innovators from the world of watchmaking and gourmet cuisine come together: Smyth’s restaurant Core by Clare Smyth is renowned for its reinventing of classic British dishes, while Hublot’s tradition of innovation is best summed up in its ethos, “The Art of Fusion”. As part of the union, a Hublot Classic Fusion wall clock will be displayed in the centre of Core’s kitchen.


There’s a starman waiting in the sky – meet him in 2024

Why you should care: The world’s first luxury spaceflight experience company, Space Perspective, has announced that they have opened reservation bookings on their six-hour space flights. This announcement comes in the wake of the company’s successful inaugural test flight. Previously only the domain of the uber-rich and national space programmes, this new offering from Space Perspective is set to revolutionise the travel industry. Flights may only be available from 2024 at the earliest, but with something as revolutionary as this, patience will be rewarded – as Ziggy Stardust himself says, “It’s all worthwhile”. Tickets are priced at US$125,000 (S$168,000).

Space Perspective

Aston martin A3 and A3 Vantage Roadster
The Aston Martin A3 and A3 Vantage Roadster, side by side – reflecting how far the British marque has come since its inception

Aston Martin celebrates the 100th birthday of its oldest sports car with a new limited-edition one

Why you should care: Keeping with automotive news, Aston Martin is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its oldest sports car, the A3, by releasing a limited-edition of their A3 Vantage Roadster, highlighting how far the company has come since its inception. On the tribute Vantage Roadster, the spirit of the A3 manifests by way of the trim upgrades, brass rotary dials, custom rims and heritage badges on the exterior grille and interior centre fascia. Performance-wise, the car wields 503 horsepower, coming from a four-litre twin-turbo V8.

Aston Martin

Earth 300
The Earth 300 is longer than the Titanic

Earth 300: the US$700m (S$939m) yacht on a mission

Why you should care: Superyacht designer Iddes Yachts has announced that its Earth 300 giga-yacht is set to be launched in 2025. Longer than the Titanic at 300m, the yacht is to be used as a floating hub for the very best climate scientists to investigate climate change and other nature-threatening scenarios. The latest technology will be available to the 160 scientists on board, with robotics, AI and quantum computing assisting them in their mission. Apart from scientists, there is space for 40 VIPs to come onboard and experience the vessel, but to the tune of US$3m (S$4m). In alignment with its environmentally friendly mission, the yacht is powered by a zero-emissions energy source derived from an onboard molten salt reactor developed by Bill Gates’ TerraPower company.

Earth 300

Eve Air Mobility
The partnership aims to allow Eve eVTOLs progressive entry into the Asia Pacific region with Singapore-based Ascent

Eve Air Mobility teams up with Ascent

Why you should care: In an exciting news for the Asia-Pacific urban air mobility sector, Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer’s urban air mobility arm, Eve, has announced a partnership with local-based Ascent. Aimed at enabling the progressive entry of Eve’s eVTOLs into Ascent’s growing technology platform in the Asia-Pacific market, the partnership also hopes to develop the urban air mobility ecosystem, and democratise air mobility within the region.

Eve Air Mobility

Louis Vuitton x Nike AF1
Louis Vuitton’s collaborative Air Force 1 release with Nike is a nod to streetwear’s bootleg culture

Louis Vuitton and Nike’s new Air Force 1: acknowledging bootleg culture

Why you should care: Designed by he of Off-White fame, Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Nike to produce twenty-one new Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1s has sent a jolt through the sneaker world, blurring even further the lines between the streets and the runway. The fusion of Nike’s beloved, iconic trainer with the insignia and material of Louis Vuitton is the ultimate tribute to the bootleg aspect of streetwear culture, with the collaborative sneaker paying homage to enterprising customers who used to sew authentic Louis Vuitton leather from purses and duffels onto the Air Force 1, as well as the variety of cheaply made knockoffs available at street markets. It is this tacit acknowledgement of bootleg culture that sets it apart, even from the much-vaunted Christian Dior x Nike Air Jordan 1 – it is a re-contextualising of and a reference to historical culture.

Louis Vuitton

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