Adventure holiday ideas: The Robb Report Singapore team shares their most memorable experiences

Robb Report Singapore adventure holidays

The Robb Report Singapore team divulge their most adventurous holidays and what they loved most about it

Allisa Noraini, Junior Writer

“Fortunately (or not), some members of my social circle have a great thirst for adrenaline, which is how I ended up skydiving in Cairns, Australia – something I never thought I’d do. But I’ve learned never to put myself in such a situation again; that nerve-wracking moment as I sat on the edge of the plane 10,000ft above the ground before plunging into absolute nothingness still gives me goosebumps.”

Charmaine Tai, Editor and Content Strategist

“I once quit my job to train as a scuba-diving instructor in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. We had to be geared up and in the pool by 7:30am, lessons and tests lasted until 4pm, and sometimes, my coursemates and I would head back to the pool for more sessions – all while I juggled studying and freelance work. I slept the afternoon away on the day that I received my certification and I haven’t renewed it after that, but it is one of the most spontaneous things I’ve done to date. I guess it’s all right to put your life on pause for a moment and do what you want to, as long as you’ve made contingency plans and know what you’re getting yourself into.”

Daryl Lee, Motoring Editor

“I was woefully unprepared, gear-wise, for a mountain biking trip on the Doi Suthep and Doi Inthanon trails in Thailand. While other cyclists typically wear full-face helmets and neck braces, I turned up looking like I was about to conquer the tiny little pimple that is Bukit Timah. Clearly, it didn’t end well. I didn’t break any bones but my bike’s suspension had to be overhauled once I got back, which is why I promptly got myself a burlier bike.”

Hazel Vincent De Paul, Junior Editor

“I went on a month-long, solo trip to Poland and Greece with only a suitcase, passport and €125 in my wallet. Not only did I get by on all sorts of delicious but ridiculously cheap street food I found in hidden alleys and hole-in-the-wall joints, I also walked everywhere, because cabs, trams and restaurants were, obviously, beyond my extremely limited budget. I’d definitely do this again because it allowed me to see and experience these countries, in some ways, like the locals, but I’ll definitely bring more cash with me the next time.”