Valentine’s Day in Singapore: The Robb Report team share their self-care plans and date night ideas

Valentine's Day in Singapore, Robb Report Singapore

Here’s how the Robb Report Singapore team is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year

From booking a special Valentine’s Day dinner for two and buying the perfect bouquet or gift to planning a romantic getaway, there’s plenty of tried-and-tested ways to celebrate this annual global tradition. But is that really all there is to Valentine’s Day? The Robb Report Singapore team feels differently.

Allisa Noraini, Junior Writer

“This year is all about self-love; it’s a reminder pay more attention to my physical and emotional well-being. That said, I’ll be spending more time with my favourite online shopping carts, because shopping livens the soul, and that’s what I need on Valentine’s Day.”

Charmaine Tai, Editor And Content Strategist

“No flowers, chocolates or other nauseating gimmicks that’s for sure. I’ll be heading to my friend’s home for a home-cooked dinner, which will hopefully involve steak and fries. We’ve unanimously agreed that Pasta Brava on Craig Road has the best tiramisu in Singapore, so we’re ordering the 1.5kg ‘birthday cake’ to share.

Daryl Lee, Motoring Editor

“Valentine’s Day is for treating the extra-special person in your life right. To that end, I’ll be treating myself to some new clothes, because retail therapy is always the answer.”

Hazel Vincent De Paul, Junior Editor

“I’m not one for over-the-top romance or PDA, so I’m booking myself a holiday for one to enjoy a little Vitamin Sea and a really good book.”

Marina Persikova, Account Executive

“I discovered Tapas Club in Orchard Central recently, and I was bowled over the tapas choices there – I loved the mouthwatering paella, deliciously grilled pumpkin and zucchini and divine mushrooms. I’ve already made a dinner reservation for my boyfriend and I on Valentine’s Day, and we’ll accompany all these delicious dishes with sparkling Cava.”

Perlyn Derouvray, Director, Regional Sales

“Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be celebrated on 14 February; you should treat everyone with love every day, whether it’s your spouse, family member, friend or colleague. You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to send someone a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or a romantic dinner!”

Tash Mahnokaren, Editorial, Sales and Marketing Assistant

“I want to spend the day showing care and affection to my partner and the people I care about. Although that’s something you should do every day, I feel that Valentine’s Day is an excuse to go the extra mile when it comes to showering individuals with love.”