A 100-island archipelago in Bali is looking for an eco-conscious owner

Bali Widi Reserve auction

A Sotheby’s auction in December presents a rare opportunity to develop in the paradisiacal marine-protected area—with eco-friendly practices, of course

Bali attracts its fair share of travellers looking for a slice of heaven on earth. Now Sotheby’s is offering one very well-heeled buyer a chance to own their own tropical paradise.

The Widi Reserve—a 780,000-acre marine-protected archipelago—is looking for a new eco-friendly owner, as it heads to auction next month. Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, the offering consists of over 100 uninhabited islands with 25,000 acres of dense rainforest, blue lagoons and pristine white beaches. The island chain is one of the most intact coral atoll ecosystems left in the world and home to 600 documented species of marine mammals, birds and others yet to be discovered.

Prospective owners (read: billionaires) will have the rare opportunity to create development or conservation plans with exclusive licensed rights that would allow 50 luxury eco-conscious resorts or residences with a maximum of 500 keys spread across 17 islands.

Bali Widi Reserve auction
The Widi Reserve is home to one of the most intact coral atoll ecosystem left on Earth

The exclusive deal is looking to attract eco-conscious developers and conservationists and represents a rare opportunity under usually strict Indonesian law. The government doesn’t allow private ownership of islands, but shares in development business can be sold to anyone. The group is working to secure permission to build out structures over the internal lagoons for eight islands, adding another possible 50 acres to the deal.

“Every billionaire can own a private island; but only one can own this exclusive opportunity spread across 100+ islands,” Charlie Smith, Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions Executive Vice President, said in a statement. “We’re presenting a prime opportunity for any discerning buyer in the world to participate in the conservation and development of one of the most pristine areas on earth—all available for your bid price.”

If you’re ready to own a slice of paradise in the Indian Ocean, the auction begins on 8 December and continues through 14 December 2022 at Sotheby’s New York. International buyers who can’t make it to the in-person event will also have the opportunity to place their bids through Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions’ online marketplace. But you’ll need a US$100,000 deposit just to get the chance.

Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions

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