An Edinburgh police stand has been converted into the world’s smallest whisky bar

By Jonah Flicker 16 August, 2022
Cask 88 world's tiniest whisky bar

Prepare to get cosy while you sip your dram

Have you ever sat at a bar and thought to yourself, “I wish this felt more claustrophobic, kind of like I was drinking alone in a closet?” Actually, maybe during the pandemic that would be the safer option. Whisky fans who like small now have the chance to visit what is being touted as the world’s smallest whisky bar in Edinburgh this month during the Fringe Festival.

This year marks the 75th year of Scotland’s Fringe Festival, and independent bottler Cask 88 decided to celebrate by installing a tiny pop-up whisky bar on the historic Princes Street in Edinburgh that has a floor space of exactly 1.978 square metres. This converted police box (there are 142 in the city) actually has enough room for two guests, so make sure you don’t mind cosying up with someone else before you enter. Once inside, you’ll be able to order a dram of one of Cask 88’s single cask scotch whiskies from someone the company is calling “PC Peat,” apparently (and ironically) a very tall bartender. Sip and savour, but don’t take too long, as each guest will only have ten minutes to enjoy this mini bar. Also of note, the whisky will be served in edible grain cups made by UK company Mr. Stroodles—presumably this will actually create less waste than washing cutlery, although not everyone might want to eat their whisky glass (and hopefully it won’t alter the flavour).

According to Cask 88 head of sales Carl Johnstone, the tiny bar is kind of a metaphor for the company. “Cask 88 opening the smallest whisky bar in the world fits ideally with the type of brand it is,” he said in a press release. “A single cask of whisky produces a very small run of around 200 to 500 bottles… the very definition of small batch. But at Cask 88, we appreciate that small things can be perfectly formed, and unique in their own way. A visit to our bar will give you a great insight into who we are and the wonderful world of single cask whisky.”

Cask 88

This story was first published on Robb Report USA