Cara Delevingne makes a comeback in the fashion scene with MCM

Cara Delevingne returns to the spotlight, gracing the MCM Spring/Summer 2024 campaign featuring the new Lauretos bags and luggage in the brand’s signature caramel-toned monogram

Cara Delevingne emerges from her self-imposed hiatus, a triumphant return to the limelight that bears the imprimatur of sophistication and rebellion. The illustrious model, renowned for her audacious style and indomitable presence, now finds herself at the vanguard of the MCM Spring/Summer 2024 campaign. In a sartorial alliance with MCM’s latest offerings, Delevingne becomes the inaugural ‘Maverick,’ a title befitting the fusion of her magnetic allure and the brand’s unapologetic ethos.

Photo by MCM

Expressing her reverence for MCM’s bold and rebellious spirit, Delevingne avows, “I was honoured when MCM asked me to star as its first ‘Maverick.’ It’s exciting to be included in their next chapter.” With this proclamation, she not only heralds her resurgence but also signals the dawning of a new era for the venerable brand.

The Spring/Summer 2024 campaign transcends the mere revival of a supermodel’s career; it articulates a deliberate shift in MCM’s trajectory. Designed with a lifestyle-centric philosophy, the collection revisits the Maison’s storied heritage. It accentuates the design codes that have constituted its visual signature since 1976, notably the classic Visetos pattern, now artfully reimagined with novel motifs.

Each pillar undergoes a refined interplay. Patterns and graphic applications resonate throughout, unveiling a new visual identity that pays homage to the past while boldly charting a course for the future. This ethos emerges as a symbolic badge of independence, resonating profoundly with today’s discerning and value-driven consumer—a veritable zeitgeist encapsulated in luxury.

Photo by MCM

The range also crosses conventional boundaries, blending ready-to-wear, leisurewear, and workwear-inspired pieces. Crafted from travel-ready, wrinkle-free fabrics, the collection epitomises an avant-garde vision for the modern individual.

Within this collection, the “Made for Movement” accessories line stands as a testament to MCM’s commitment to unconventional luxury. Key accessories among them are the Lauretos bags and luggage, adorned in the brand’s signature caramel-toned monogram, as captured in the campaign stills. These pieces encapsulate the essence of “L’enfant terrible,” independently crafted for a newly influential and unapologetically luxurious “jetset” lifestyle—a resonant embodiment of contemporary opulence.

Embracing a spirit of wanderlust and inclusivity, the MCM Spring/Summer 24 collection beckons to those who crave both the familiar and the unexplored. Available online and in select stores, this collection stands poised to accompany you on your next overseas adventure.