Fine dining in Singapore: Restaurant Euphoria on Tras Street is former Corner House chef Jason Tan’s latest digs

restaurant euphoria

While some fine-tuning might be necessary, Restaurant Euphoria is nevertheless a destination dining spot that could one day top everyone’s list

Chef Jason Tan has historically been known for onions and he plans to carry on that legacy. As someone who never liked his vegetables, the sweet Cévennes onion was what sparked his interest in edible botanicals as well as his quest to keep peeling for the latest discoveries.

restaurant euphoria
Inside Restaurant Euphoria, Jason Tan’s latest digs

It also introduced Gastro-Botanica, a culinary philosophy he championed in 2014, when he was cooking at Corner House. Similar to the five French mother sauces Auguste Escoffier left behind in 1935, the building blocks of all things delicious, Tan’s Gastro-Botanica sauces serve as the backbone of all his food. But what was once an extraction of greens, meats and seafood is now purely fruits and vegetables; the oomph is deceptively bold and you won’t miss the meats.

That’s what you’ll get at Restaurant Euphoria, Tan’s latest project on Tras Street. The fine-dining restaurant has been designed to look like a lush, indoor garden (keep your eyes peeled for the onion motifs) and is open day and night, with a menu ranging from a S$108 three-course lunch to a S$258 eight-course dinner (the Patin Fish and Onion Soup are incredible). While some fine-tuning might be necessary, it is nevertheless a place of art-meets-indulgent-elegance and a destination dining spot that could one day top everyone’s list.

Restaurant Euphoria
76 Tras Street
Singapore 079015

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