Montblanc Meisterstück celebrates a century of excellence

Montblanc unveils two dedicated leather capsules as part of its Meisterstück collection, paying homage to the latter’s 100th anniversary

It’s been a century since Montblanc launched its Meisterstück collection. This month, the Maison is celebrating the milestone with two leather capsules within the collection.

The first capsule draws inspiration from the Mont Blanc mountain, a motif synonymous with Montblanc since its inception. This design detail, reminiscent of the brand’s 1920s advertisements and the original Meisterstück logo, adorns a sophisticated black leather chosen by the brand’s artistic director Marco Tomasetta “due to its resemblance to the precious resin of Meisterstück itself,” highlights Montblanc.

Comprising medium and mini-sized shopping bags, as well as a mini bag featuring a clay-coloured pocket patch embossed with the iconic mountain outline, the collection is topped off with small leather goods; a wallet, card holder, and coin case, all featuring the mountain outline embossed directly onto the brilliant black leather, evoking the majestic beauty of the Alps.

Mini shopping bag and mini bags. Photo by Montblanc (edited by Robb Report Singapore)

The second capsule introduces the Meisterstück small leather goods assortment in a vibrant coral shade, a colour drawn from the brand’s extensive archives and reminiscent of some of Montblanc’s early writing instruments, including a notable Meisterstück from the 1920s. This heritage shade is reimagined in a contemporary bicolour design for a three-piece assortment that includes wallets and card holders. The exterior of each piece is adorned in black, while the interior features the new hue, offering a bold and modern twist on the brand’s legacy. The white Montblanc emblem, reinterpreted with a coral background, adds a distinctive touch to the collection.

“The latest Meisterstück leather capsules embody distinctive features of the fountain pen’s design, such as the nib and the precious resin with a smooth, sensual touch,” elaborates Marco Tomasetta, Montblanc’s artistic director. “The new design details introduced into the collection, such as the coral shade and the outline of the Mont Blanc, seamlessly bridge the gap between our heritage and modernity, infusing contemporary shapes with the timeless essence of the Meisterstück.”

Available at Montblanc boutiques and online, the Meisterstück 100th Anniversary Leather Capsules are a testament to Montblanc’s enduring commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and luxury. As the brand continues to push the boundaries of fine craftsmanship across various product categories, these capsules not only celebrate a monumental milestone but also reaffirm Montblanc’s position at the pinnacle of luxury writing culture.