Robert Parker Wine Advocate: Enjoy complimentary, unrestricted access to over 400,000 professional wine ratings and reviews, and everything else wine-related

Robert Parker Wine Advocate is the definitive consumer’s guide to fine wine. A one-month complimentary subscription to an unlimited array of wine ratings and reviews is an offer we find too enticing to resist

In recent weeks, what with all the circuit breaker announcements (hello, Phase 1) and extensions, a curious trend emerged. The sudden proliferation of online courses, spawning somewhat spontaneously all across the Internet, has turned what would otherwise have been a dreary, prolonged period of self-isolation, into a golden opportunity for self-improvement. Many have jumped at this self-presenting opportunity to learn something new – a reflection of humanity’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Or perhaps, and this seems slightly more plausible, an occupied mind merely distracts us from the ongoing hubbub in the far beyond and helps maintain some semblance of normalcy, if only a little.

But as with all the finer things in life, a good amount of knowledge can only account for so much. Taste, on the other hand, is far more delicate. It is the prolonged cultivation of the senses, acutely attuned to even the slightest of details, which accounts for all the difference in the world. So, too, by no means of an accidental feat, does one acquire an exquisite appreciation of fine wine. The intricate world of wine, seductive as it is recherché, is reputedly tricky to navigate. Seasoned wine connoisseurs, through a painstaking process that extends across many years, incessantly refine and hone their tastes, in order to traverse this esoteric terrain.

And so it is, that when a complimentary one-month, all-access subscription to Robert Parker Wine Advocate comes by, we deem it an offer too enticing to resist. The world’s definitive consumer’s guide to fine wine, Robert Parker Wine Advocate boasts an extensive database of over 400,000 professional, in-depth wine reviews and ratings. Make no mistake: We’re not even daring to presume that the average wine lover can come close to anything like a full-fledged wine expert within just a month. What we are suggesting, however, is that a privileged glimpse into the intricacies of an otherwise niche realm, makes for an excellent introduction to the world of fine wine.

From fresh reviews to spotlights on upcoming releases, such as Lisa Perrotti-Brown’s comprehensive coverage on Bordeaux En Primeur 2019, Stephen Reinhardt’s curation of Germany’s 2018 and 2019 vintages, a guide to the collectable 2018 Sonoma vintage by Erin Brooks and more – what else really, is there left to be said? The enigmatic world of wine, oh how it beckons and awaits.

Robert Parker Wine Advocate