This Week in Luxury: Samãja Selo Private Residences on Tioman Island, Urwerk’s space shuttle watch, and the NFT marketplace OpenSea now worth US$1.5b

Samaja Selo artist impression

In our weekly series, we bring you the latest in luxury news from around the world. This week’s highlights: David Adjaye’s plans for the Africa Institute, inside Conor McGregor’s Lamborghini yacht, and Brabus’s killer Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S

Samaja Selo artist impression
The Samãja Selo Private Residences include four beachfront units, with each priced at a starting price of US$1.188m (S$1.62m)

Tioman welcomes Samãja Selo, an exclusive private residence to be ready by 2023

Why you should care: Situated at the foot of the Twin Peaks of Gunung Semukut, the US$45m (S$61.2m) Samãja Selo Private Residences is the culmination of the partnership between the Selo Group and Impiana Hotels. The private holiday home, according to Selo Group’s CEO Andrew Corkery, is intended to function as a private lifestyle community, curated for like-minded people who share common goals, interests and the love of wellness experiences. There are 23 units for sale by invitation (ranging from 1,006sqm to 1,950sqm), accompanied by amenities like a pool, spa, wellness and fitness facilities, a kids’ club, multiple dining venues, a clubhouse and a yoga pavilion. More details here.

Samãja Selo

Urwerk UR-100V P.02
The Urwerk UR-100V P.02 is inspired by the instrument panels of a space shuttle, as well as its landing process

Urwerk’s latest release is ready for takeoff

Why you should care: The advent of the space shuttle fundamentally redefined space travel, and until Urwerk came into the picture, its significance was rarely celebrated in the horological world. The essence of a space shuttle’s launch and landing sequence condensed into a watch, the UR-100V P.02 is the first watch borne of a partnership between Collective Horology (a California-based group of watch enthusiasts), the Urwerk co-founders, and the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum (where the Space Shuttle Enterprise currently sits). Ditching the usual black-and-white, thermal-tiled design clichés, the UR-100V P.02 is instead stylistically inspired by the instrumentation found on board the Enterprise. At its heart, the timepiece features the new calibre 12.02, designed specifically for the watch – enabling a redesign of the carousel, allowing for the wandering hours complication. Made of anodised aluminium that’s sanded and shot-blasted, with screws that are circular-sanded, creating an interesting textured contrast. The rotor also features a Windfänger mechanism that keeps the rotor from reaching excessive speeds. Fret not if it seems a little complex at first; a highly detailed technical manual comes part of the package too.


OpenSea’s Series B funding round saw it raise US$100m (S$136m) and reach a US$1.5b (S$2.04b) valuation

NFT marketplace OpenSea is now worth US$1.5b (S$2.04b)

Why you should care: Following its latest Series B funding round, the NFT marketplace has raised US$100m (S$136m) and hit a valuation of US$1.5b (S$2.04b). Led by venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz, alongside other crypto investors such as Walt Disney president Michael Ovitz, Kevin Hart and Ashton Kutcher, the company has also announced expanded, cross-blockchain support, starting with a “gas-free” marketplace on the Polygon blockchain. Following this move, buyers no longer have to pay blockchain fees when making trades on OpenSea, and creators can fully earn their way into crypto for the first time.


Africa Institute
The pink-hued building is set to host a number of the organisation’s numerous activities

David Adjaye unveils plans for the Africa Institute

Why you should care: Located in Sharjah, UAE, David Adjaye and Adjaye Associates have unveiled the designs for the upcoming Africa Institute. Intended as a key centre for the study, research and documentation of Africa and the African diaspora in the Arab world, the institute’s new campus is dominated by strong geometric volumes in soft pink hues. Designed to support the busy organisation’s many activities, the building’s four wings are united by by a series of open-air interior courtyards and architectural gardens. The colours and arrangement of the building’s structure responds to the region’s land and climatic needs, with large overhangs, shaded open-air spaces and water elements designed to enhance the desert typology, working with the needs of the natural context.

Africa Institute

Brabus 800 Coupe
The Brabus Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S 4MATIC+ Coupe goes from zero to 99km/hr in a whopping 3.4 seconds

Brabus’s killer Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S

Why you should care: The Mercedes aftermarket and upfitting specialists have gone to town on the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S 4MATIC+ Coupe, producing a car that is the ultimate personification of the Jekyll and Hyde nature of their cars. On the outside, it seems like any other Brabus creation – black paint; liberal use of carbon fibre across the front splitter, side skirts, wheel arches, wing mirror covers and rear diffuser; massive 24-inch rims; height lowered by 25mm. Under the hood however, is the Mr Hyde to the exterior’s Dr Jekyll.

Brabus has taken the twin-turbo V8 powerplant and juiced it to produce 800 horsepower and 850Nm of torque. Special turbos with a large compressor unit, a modified core assembly, and reinforced axial bearings replace the two stock turbos, while a stainless high-performance exhaust system with actively-controlled exhaust flaps and four titanium or carbon tailpipes aid in the delivery of the beast’s deep, muted roar. Altogether, this launches the AMG GLE 63 S from naught to 100km/hr in a frankly insane 3.4 seconds, and it’ll continue to fly towards a 280km/hr top speed. Of course, the interior is also fully overhauled with leather and Alcantara. Offered as a complete unit or as an upgrade package to your existing GLE 63 S 4MATIC+ Coupe, this is definitely one hulking beast for those who enjoy understated power.


Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63
The Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 derives stylistic inspiration from the Sián FKP 37 supercar

Inside Conor McGregor’s Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 superyacht

Why you should care: Inspired by the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, Conor McGregor’s latest seaworthy toy is the Tecnomar fleet’s new limited edition superyacht, so named as a reference to the year of Lamborghini’s foundation. Combining performance, driving pleasure, attention to quality and details, and emotion, the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 features an aggressively angular, sporty silhouette inspired by the iconic Miura and Countach models of the 60s/70s. The hard top is inspired by Lamborghini roadsters, while the bow lights are a homage to both the Terza Millenio concept’s and the Sián FKP 37’s distinctive Y-shaped front lights. The yacht’s instrument panel is essentially a reinterpretation of a Lamborghini cockpit, with details finished in carbon fibre, and the helm styled as a Lamborghini steering wheel. Two start/stop buttons start the twin MAN V12 2000 horsepower engines, enabling it to reach 60 knots – the fastest in the Tecnomar fleet. Crafted from a high-performance carbon-fibre shell, the yacht weighs in at just 24 tons – putting it firmly in the ultra-lightweight boat classification.

Tecnomar for Lamborghini

SO/ Maldives
SO/ Maldives promises to bring a sophisticated, avant-garde twist to beachfront living

S Hotels & Resorts set to bring SO/ to the Maldives

Why you should care: Singha Estate PCL’s flagship novelty arm, S Hotels and Resorts Public Company Limited, has expanded its footprint in the Maldives with the introduction of SO/ Maldives. In partnership with Accor’s luxury lifestyle brand, the project will be owned by an equal joint venture with Wai Eco World Developer Pte Ltd. Featuring 80 beachfront and over-water villas, the resort is located a fifteen-minute speedboat ride away from Malé’s Velana International Airport, bringing a fresh, avant-garde take on beachfront living.


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