UBX Training Singapore brings its signature boxing workout to your home

UBX Training Singapore

Staying at home doesn’t mean you stop staying fit. This week, we present a boxing-based workout you can do from the comforts of your home

Can’t continue with your usual exercise routine because your gym has temporarily shut down till 30 April at the very least? No problem. In part one of our #StayHomeWithRobb series, Tim West, exercise scientist and managing director of UBX Training has planned a home-based routine to keep you moving.

For those who’ve yet to pay a visit, UBX Training (pronounced ‘you box’) is an Australian strength and boxing gym that has recently set up shop in Singapore. Unlike other HIIT gyms, UBX Training places more emphasis on form and movement.

At UBX Training Singapore – located at Holland Village – you’ll make your way around 12 stations (no repetition, thank goodness), with you and your partner hitting each station for three minutes. Some stations will also see you working on both hand and leg work with your trainer. A buzzer marks the end of each round, and you’ll get a 30-second break before the next workout, but we all know that’s just a code for ‘go pick up your towel and move to the next station’.

The gym provides boxing wraps, gloves and face towels. There’s also a shower, but you’ll need to bring your own bath towel. Workouts aside, perhaps the best part of UBX Singapore is that there are no fixed class timings. Simply rock up when you feel like it and join the next available three-minute slot.

Shadow Boxing

There’ll be some shadow boxing in this workout. Start by ensuring your feet are in the right position.

First imagine a square box on the floor. Your dominant foot should step in the back corner of the square, and your other foot, diagonally in the top corner. Crouch to touch the middle of the square, then stand back up, maintaining a slight bend in your knees.

Your hands should maintain same position as your feet. For those who are right-foot dominant, your lead hand will be your right hand.

Keep your lead hand in front of your face, just below eye level, and your rear hand by your cheek. With every punch, push off your back foot, keep your weight balanced and ensure your fist is square to your arm.

Workout: There’ll be six rounds of workouts. Each round will last for three minutes. For rounds that comprise two exercises, repeat the exercises till you hit the three-minute mark. Take a 30-second rest in between rounds.

Warm up: Three minutes of skipping

Round One

Exercise #1: Sprinter knee drives x five per side
Start in a lunge position. Pushing off your back foot, spring up and drive your knee forward and up from your hip while coming into an upright position. As you land, bring your knee backwards and go back to the lunge position. Complete all five repetitions on the same leg before switching to the other.

Exercise #2: Squat jumps x 10
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, shoulders back, head looking forward. Sit back as though sitting into a chair, keeping your weight in the heels. Continue to lower your bum until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Make sure the back is kept straight, and chest forward.

Engage the glutes and drive through the heels aiming to move as fast as possible through the lift. Press your feet into the ground then jump upwards, engaging your glutes and straightening the legs. Fall back into a squat position with a bend in your legs. Remember to keep your knees over your ankles.

Round Two

Exercise #3: Straight arm plank (30 seconds)
Keeping your wrists and elbows in a direct line below the shoulder, lower yourself to the floor and step your feet back until your body forms a straight line, from your head to the heels.

Support your weight through your hands while keeping back and neck straight. Activate your core by pulling your belly button towards your spine.

Exercise #4: Knee thrusters x six
This is similar to a half burpee, except that you keep your knees behind the elbows (as opposed to outside) as you thrust.

Start in a straight arm plank position. Push off your toes, keeping shoulders over your arms and body weight forward, and bring your feet in, until your legs are at a right angle to your hips, then spring back to plank position to complete the rep.

Round Three

Exercise #5: Shadow boxing: Jab, cross, hook, cross
For those who would like a challenge, add a slip, cross at the end of the sequence. In the third minute, move your feet and reset after each combo. Try clockwise, anti-clockwise, forward and backwards.

Round Four

Exercise #6: Jump split squats x eight
Start off in a lunge position, ensuring both legs are kept at a 90-degree bend. Keep the heel of your back foot raised and ensure that your back is upright and straight. While jumping upwards, switch your back leg forward, and move your front foot back. Sink back into a deep lunge.

Exercise #7: T-press push-ups x eight
Lie on the floor, face down, and place your hands just past your shoulder length and behind the shoulder line. Your back, neck and legs should be in a straight line. Keep your core tightened.

Push yourself up, maintaining alignment from head to heel, ensuring hips do not drop. Twist, opening your body outwards into a side plank. Keep your arm in line with your body and straight into the air, and ensure your hips are stacked. Lower back to plank position, repeat the push-up and continue alternating sides for each rep.

Round Five

Exercise #8: Frog Jumps x six
Start at the bottom of a squat, bringing your bottom close to the floor while keeping your back straight and core activated. Place hands in front, touching the ground between your legs. Push off your toes to spring up, keeping arms and legs straight. Land back into the deep squat.

Exercise #9: Reverse lunges x eight
Stand upright, then step back with one leg and lower into a lunge. Complete the movement by pushing forward on your back foot to return to an upright standing position.

Round Six

Exercise #10: Shadow boxing – Jab, jab, cross, rip, hook
Add a roll, rear uppercut and lead hook at the end for increased difficulty. For the last minute of the round, move your feet and reset after each combo. Try clockwise, anti-clockwise, forward and backward.


Warm down: Do a full-body stretch to cool down.

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