Japanese Restaurants in Singapore: Fat Cow brings autumn-inspired menu to the table from now till 10 November

Fat Cow, head chef Shigeru Kasajima

Treat yourselves to Japan’s fall harvest and flavours with this five-course Aki Matsuri Menu, which includes seasonal salmon grilled over air-flown magnolia leaves Japanese cuisine has become a staple in our diets, but there are never short of new experiences to be had with the land of zen — be it the 18-course omakase at […]

Embark On A One-Day Antarctica Adventure With Natural World Safaris

Natural World Safaris

A lot can happen in a day. That’s especially true when you travel with Natural World Safaris, the UK-based outfitter that has launched the world’s most extravagant day trip with its One-Day Antarctica Adventure. Available from November to January each year — when the Southern Continent gets 24 full hours of sunlight per day — […]

A week-long journey through Siem Reap and Luang Prabang with Lightfoot Travel

Lightfoot Travel has dreamed up a perfect pairing of destinations, one that flows seamlessly from Cambodia to Laos. The two countries straddle each other, and though appreciably distinct, their shared and rich history leaves a complementing experience. A stay that is at once luxurious and spiritual, the seven-day itinerary combines the stunning sunrises of Angkor […]

Embark on The Grand Tour in Europe with three iconic hotels in London, Paris and Amsterdam

The Grand Tour in Europe

Three landmark hotels in three iconic European cities — London, Paris and Amsterdam — have come together to recreate an experience that brings us back to the 17th century. Dubbed The Grand Tour (from $2,480), it is based on the traditional coming-of-age trip undertaken by the young men and women of Europe for the opportunity […]

Enjoy complimentary nights at Tanamera as you explore Sri Lanka and the Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris


Looking for a luxurious homestay or plus-sized Airbnb in Sri Lanka? Or planning your next seaside retreat and don’t know where to go? Consider Tanamera, a lone, three-bedroom beachside property that sits on a sprawling manicured estate lined with coconut palm. The retreat combines the intimacy of a private villa accommodation with luxuries of a […]

Tuck into the new brunch menu at Se7enth restaurant in Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore


Luxury serviced apartment Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore may be for those travelling to Singapore for work, but it doesn’t mean locals should pass up on this venue. SE7ENTH is set to be the speakeasy of brunch hangouts with its new breakfast menu. With a host of dining destinations in the CBD, the restaurant — most […]

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