Exploring Africa’s wildlife: Your post-pandemic luxury safari getaway awaits at Jack’s Camp and Mombo Camp in Botswana

Leopard and it's cub

Iroshini Chua, medical director at Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics, embarks on an adventure of a lifetime in beautiful Botswana

The lush landscape of Botswana’s Okavango Delta teems with rare sightings of wildlife and nature’s bounties, making it one of the last frontiers of discovery for avid safari goers. Iroshini Chua, medical director at Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics, embarks on the adventure from the luxurious comfort of Jack’s Camp and Mombo Camp. Here’s a visual account of her experience.

botswana on the saddle
The best way to explore the vast lands of Botswana

Horseback riding through the pure, unsullied Kalahari air

“There is nothing quite like the pure, unsullied Kalahari air rushing at you as you gallop with herds of zebras and wildebeests in the vast salt pans. Discovering the mysterious area from the saddle transported me to the golden era of safaris, when early explorers, hunters and missionaries navigated on horseback. With expert horse-safari guides accompanying me, I never felt unsafe riding my trusty steed.”

zebra migration
The Makgadikgadi Pan is famous for its zebra population

Make friends with the zebras

“The Makgadikgadi Pan is famous for its zebra population. I visited during the wet season to witness Africa’s second largest zebra migration that brought along with it herds of wildebeests and springbok. It’s also the calving season, with thousands of zebras, wildebeest and antelope calves suckling and stumbling along on wobbly feet, while being barricaded by overprotective mothers against predators looking for an easy meal.”

Leopard and it's cub
A mother leopard and her cub

Go on a game drive in Mombo

“Game drives are the principal activity at Mombo. A pack of 17 wild dogs was on the move to my left. A leopard cub ran up a tree close to its mother’s tail to my right. For the first time in all my years on safari, I was torn. This is the #mombomagic that must be experienced to believe. The mother watched the dogs intently, ready to protect its cub should the dogs discover them. Single file, the dogs trotted ahead with intent towards the area frequented by impalas.”

The crown jewel of the Okavango Delta from the Mombo Camp

Stay at the Mombo Camp

“Mombo is Wilderness Safaris’ crown jewel of the Okavango Delta. The camp was rebuilt in 2018 to incorporate innovative standards, but continued to stay true to its traditions and commitment to sustainability by leaving a light eco-footprint. The ultra-luxe abode is a combination of traditional highlights and modern elegance. Its lounges are swish, the bar is stocked full of fine wines and vintage spirits, and the pool deck boasts an exhilarating view of the flood plapoins. Complemented by senior guides who ensure excellent game viewing and delectable menus curated by executive chef, Johan Van Schalkwyk, Mombo is indeed a place of plenty.”

mombo private heaven
Mombo Camp is a private heaven

Have an elephant visit your tent

“‘Welcome to heaven,’ said Tsebo, the guest services manager, as he opened the door to my colossal tent. The bedroom features a plush sitting room with a swanky bar, a king-sized bed with a leather headboard, and a double vanity area that leads to a stunning golden bathtub, dressing area, indoor  shower and separate toilet. The whole length of the tent opens to a pool with a swinging outdoor bed, oversized-couch, dining area and outdoor shower. The Mombo magic? Occasionally, an elephant may dip its trunk into your private pool as you soak in the view of the delta.”

The prehistoric super lake Makgadikgadi, one of the world’s largest salt pans

The Makgadikgadi Pan, one of the world’s largest salt pans

“Don’t mention the cringe-inducing words ‘big five’ in the Makgadikgadi Pan. The area north-east of Botswana attracts the intrepid traveller hungry for experiential and photographic safaris; a world away from virgin safari-goers desperate to spot belly-up lions, moody buffalos, grazing rhino or partially hidden leopards. The white sandy desert interspersed with vegetation is the prehistoric super Lake Makgadikgadi. It is amongst the largest salt pans in the world offering unique experiences and the chance to set eyes on rare species.”

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