Best facials in Singapore: Aesop, Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics, Remède Spa, Sulwhasoo and more


Look and feel better with the best facial treatments in town

Stress sucks. It wrecks havoc on your relationships, your performance at work, your mind and before you know it, your skin is ripe for rash and completely out of whack. You can’t eliminate the stress overnight, that’s for sure, but hey, maybe you could begin one of these facials. It won’t undo all the damage, but at least it’s a start.


Wake up with a glow in no more than an hour at Aesop’s only facial clinic in Singapore. Six customised facial treatments are offered, with each service done carefully by hand without tools or machines. Each appointment will begin with an in-depth skin consultation for the therapist to tailor any steps and products according to your skin needs. Book early to avoid disappointment, as they only take four customers per day, and when you do so, try the Parsley Seed Intensive treatment, where skin is deep cleansed, gently exfoliated and hydrated.

Robb tip: To ensure a well-rounded skin care regimen, it is recommended to book an appointment every four to six weeks.

310 Orchard Road
Tangs Orchard, Level 4
Singapore 238864 
Tel: +65 6836 4748

Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics

With 12 years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine, Kevin Chua is recognised as one of the leading doctors in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery and non-surgical facial treatments. Apart from investing in cutting-edge devices and technologies, it’s his deft skills and surgical precision that see patients coming back for more. There are no pampering massages here, no ambient lighting to set the mood – instead, patrons will be led to therapy rooms to the background sound of the latest hits belting from an iPad.

Robb tip: We highly recommend the 45-minute hydrafacial therapy, a “medical grade” facial that rejuvenates the skin.

Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics
360 Orchard Road
International Building, 03-05
Tel: +65 6694 6700

IDS Aesthetics

If you’re not seeing results from your tried-and-true holy grails, hold off before you decide to discard them. Your skin might just be incapable of optimally absorbing the goodness you’ve been slathering on as before. This lower rate of absorption unfortunately is inevitable with age as our cell turnover rates start deteriorating. The IDS Pep.Blu Deep treatment, however, will help overcome just that by using a unique Deep Electroporation technology to open up new pathways or channels on the dermis, allowing essential skin-enhancing ingredients to penetrate the skin. As scary as that sounds, the “holes” are minute enough for the ingredients to enter, essentially keeping the treatment safe and non-invasive. The electroporation step is then followed up with the clinic’s proprietary IDS Pep.Blu serum, which delivers brightening and cell-stimulating agents such as growth factors, peptides and vitamin B9 into the dermis to stimulate collagen and increase fibroblast and elastin production. The treatment will leave your visage visibly brightened with firming and lifting effects happening after.

Robb tip: If you are constantly under the sun, IDS’ reformulation of their Non-Tinted Sunscreen will be your constant companion. The ultra-lightweight physical sunscreen offers the best-in-class sun protection (SPF50 PA+++), even able to block more than 35 per cent of blue light (this speeds up ageing) that emits from electronic screens. The serum-like sunscreen can do more than just sun protection, infused with sustainably produced squalene, niacinamide, allantoin and vitamin E to offer skin-enhancing benefits. Your skin should get healthier and clearer with each application.

IDS Aesthetics
360 Orchard Road
International Building, 02-02
Singapore 238869
Tel: +65 6450 3555

only aesthetics
Experience instant results from Only Aesthetic’s proprietary Onlyskin Apothecary Facials

Only Aesthetics

Only Aesthetics offers more than just extractions and masking. Combining state-of-the-art in-house formulations and facial techniques, you’ll be experiencing instant results from their proprietary Onlyskin Apothecary Facials. There are three to choose from – Whitening (read: not to be confused as skin lightening), Glass Skin and Slimface – addressing uneven skin tone, dehydration and skin laxity respectively. The non-invasive nature of facials also means zero downtime.

Robb tip: A good skincare regimen in between facial treatments is an open secret to better and longer-lasting results. We recommend the H2 Glass Skin series, which includes an emulsion, essence, two facial mists and a tone-up cream. They include hydrogen, a therapeutic antioxidant that helps fend the skin against harmful free radicals and dehydration.

Only Aesthetics
22 Malacca Street
RB Capital Building, 09-00
Singapore 048980
Tel: +65 6220 4434

Porcelain The Face Spa

Most are familiar with Porcelain’s signature Quintessential facial, but more should get acquainted with the fusion treatment facials. Combining a few of its award-winning facials with its signature Zap treatments, you can achieve even better results in one session. The menu consists of CryoZap, IllumiZap, OxyZap, Sun Rescue Zap and BeespokeZap – each focusing on issues like dehydration, enlarged pores, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

Robb tip: Don’t leave the clinic without a look at the spa’s range of products. Go for the Essentials HA+ Hydrating Serum, a lightweight hyaluronic acid blend of aloe, elderflower, antioxidants and prebiotics. The Essentials Deep Hydrating Lotion is another good one; the Damask rose-based toner is packed with all things good (vitamin E and B5 included) that will quench parched skin.

Porcelain The Face Spa
15 Cantoment Road
Singapore 089739
Tel: +65 6227 9692


“Profhilo boasts one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid, and is injected beneath the dermis layer,” says Dr Karen Soh, medical director of Privé Clinic. And there’s little wonder why it’s one of the most popular hydrator treatments to date. What it does is stimulate collagen production, and retain water in the cells, thus increasing the elasticity of one’s skin.

It’s important to note that Profhilo is not a filler (which is meant to fill up sunken parts of your face or replace lost volume), and does more than typical skinboosters. The treatment is most commonly used on the lower half of your face, namely the cheek, along your jawline, and below your lower lip. It’s also able to help with tissue repair, those with acne scars are also encouraged to give it a shot especially for those who prefer a milder form of treatment compared to a chemical peel or microdermabrasion.

Robb tip: Don’t expect to see or feel a difference overnight. It takes a couple of days for your skin to feel slightly more hydrated. Those with paler and thinner skin will notice a greater difference, compared to those with thicker, and slightly darker skin.

Privé Clinic
390 Orchard Road
Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871
Tel: +65 9848 2888

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Remède Spa

There’s nothing quite like The St. Regis brand. Having nailed the room and dining experiences, the experience is heightened by its Remède Spa, which partners with Valmont and Hommage – stalwarts in the luxury skincare industry – to offer facials for both men and women.

Robb tip: You’ll enjoy Valmont’s ‘butterfly movement’ technique, where the therapist’s fingers gently flutter from spot to spot in a circular motion on your face to promote lymphatic drainage. It’s soothing enough to lull you to sleep.

Remède Spa
The St. Regis Singapore
29 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247911
Tel: +65 6506 6896


There’s a lot to love about Sulwhasoo. The Korean luxury skincare brand is renowned for abiding by tradition, which means old-school facial tools and well, plenty of Korean ginseng. As Korea’s favourite health food, it also helps prevent ageing and maintain skin’s elasticity. Try the popular Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Treatment, which will help rejuvenate, tighten and brighten your skin while giving collagen renewal a boost. The facial is carried out with a special ‘twist and pinch’ technique that improves lymph drainage, and won’t let you off without at least two face massages.

Robb tip: The 80-minute Men’s Treatment aims to strengthen the skin to achieve a more youthful complexion.

15 Stamford Road
Capitol Building, 01-72/73
Tel: +65 6844 9766
(also available at Ion Orchard and Westgate)

The Ritz-Carlton Spa
The Ritz-Carlton Spa’s signature Cello Concerto treatment, a body massage that’s accompanied by a live cellist

The Ritz-Carlton Spa

Escape from reality to this underwater oasis at the Ritz-Carlton, where calming blue lights are surrounded by lush greenery and the sounds of nature. It is the city’s first La Mer spa, and if you haven’t been, we suggest starting with its signature La Mer Miracle Broth Facial, a 90-minute treatment that’s perfect for skin regeneration. This ‘broth’ is an elixir designed to lock in the moisture while it soothes and brightens your skin. The treatment is then finished with a special ice sequence that aims to seal in the essence for that long-term glow.

Robb tip: Go big or go home. Sign up for a day spa for a much-needed respite. The Intense Beauty package will treat you to a 15-minute Body Reviver, 15-minute Smooth & Firm Body Butter treatment, 60-minute Luxe Manicure and 90-minute La Mer Custom Facial.

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
7 Raffles Ave
Singapore 039799
Tel: +65 6434 5203

The SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus

Book yourself the 60-minute SK-II Discovery Facial at one of the most relaxing spas around. It’s great for dehydrated skin, and it comes with everything that you’d expect: a comfy bed, great service and sophisticated technology. A sonic cleansing wand and cold ion machine will be used to work magic on any dull skin, tightening the pores, soothing redness and erasing dark circles.

Robb tip: Spare no expense when it comes to skincare, we’d say. The most premium treatment on the spa menu, a 105-minute Senze Renewal Proionic Facial, combines INDIBA Radio Frequency technology together with the soothing touches of skilled therapists to help skin cells recover their natural function. The end result? Reduced wrinkles and expression lines, along with firm facial contours.

SK-II Boutique
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre, 02-26B
Tel: +65 6336 4880