Space Furniture unveils the first outdoor collection by modern Italian luxury furniture brand Poliform

Since its inception in the Brianza Furniture District in the ’70s, Poliform has been proffering furniture solutions that are as boldly innovative as they are exceptionally conceived

There are an endless number of ways to fill up space; infinite permutations we can deploy to populate the void. But only some that approach the mantle of uncompromising refinement and exquisite craftsmanship. Since its inception in the Brianza Furniture District in the ’70s, the modern Italian brand Poliform has been proffering furniture solutions that are as boldly innovative as they are exceptionally conceived. With a design philosophy anchored on the tenets of cultured, contemporary beauty, timeless elegance and technical excellence, the brand has acquired a reputation for moving the needle in the arena of furniture design.

Headquartered in north Milan, Poliform is setting its sights on the greater outdoors, with its first outdoor collection available exclusively at premium design retailer Space Furniture in Singapore. This new lineup of products is a reaffirmation of Poliform’s foundational design philosophy on the canvas that is the outdoor space. In the roster of chairs, sofas, day lounges and tables, all as head-turning as they are aptly functional, the brand’s DNA is writ large.

Here are the ranges that will assist in the uplift.

The Ketch collection: Traverse the oceans

For the Ketch collection, acclaimed Toulouse designer Jean-Marie Massaud was inspired by the world of sailing and seafaring. Against strong Iroko wood treated with hydro-oil to uphold its beauty over time, lie flexible and modular backrests, just like a sail unravelled across the masts.

And like the sea-ready ships that sail to greet the harshest extent of the elements, this range is incredibly durable. The cushions are made with fabric that is precision-engineered for outdoor use. They also provide a world of comfort in their soft, contoured expanse.


The Mad Out collection: Enjoy the indoors outside

Poliform’s Mad collection features multiple lines enveloping harmoniously and dashingly. Where lines overlap in the famed Mad Chair, an indoor staple, they are now represented in the sofa and armchair as hand-braided rope. And because this is emphatically meant for life outside, the details correspond functionally: the wraparound back allows air and light to flit through, so you can feel as relaxed as possible in the embrace of robustly solid furniture.

Mad Out

The Magnolia collection: An ode to the Earth

Magnolia is Bordeaux designer Emmanuel Gallina’s first outdoor collection. Trusting his instincts, he sought inspiration from the natural world that sustains all life on it. This range is a celebration of the earth and earthiness: its seamless, organic lines evoke tree branches and the sublime beauty of falling leaves. The Poliform signature is apparent in his treatment of the wood, which beams with an arresting colour and tone. And so you can soak in the beauty of the outdoors in supreme comfort, he has incorporated invisible backrest technology. Time to recline.


Monolith Table in Cementoskin graphite. Photo by Poliform

The Monolith collection: As solid as stone

A tabletop is a crucial element of any furniture arrangement. It is, as the name of this range suggests, monolithic. And as the name as of the range suggests, Poliform’s payload of tables are likewise monolithic. Inspired by dolmens, the large stone-made structures they are conceptually derived from, the surface of these tables are forged from Cementoskin, which contains basalt stone that is stronger than concrete. In this midst of this artful display of colossal strength, is a vision of softness: rounded contours as opposed to hard edges compose the tables’ corners. Muscularity and nuance in a single stroke.


Soori Day Lounge with structure in stainless steel covered in polypropylene tape. Photo by Poliform

The Soori collection: Your private island

Singapore-based designer Soo Chan lends his famed architectural touch to Poliform’s outdoor collection with the Soori Daybed. The round cushions and wraparound backrest are a cosy, intimate vantage point from which you can snuggle up with your favourite person or people and take in the beautiful outdoors. Every aspect of it is inviting; from its moulded flexible polyurethane cushions to its braided headboard and the soft-to-the-touch texture of the upholstery, it promises comfort in a setting that makes an upscale proposition of leisure.


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